Rabbis allow Perverts to run amok in south florida endangering Jewish children

Rabbis allow
Perverts to run amok in south Florida endangering Jewish children

In  Boca Raton and in North Miami Beach  the rabbi’s are allowing both convicted and alleged perverts to  be honored in their synagogues

Rabbi Ephriam Goldberg in Boca has continuously allowed  the convicted pervert. Boruch Lanner to attend services and has honored him

Following his lead rabbi Ephriam Shapiro the noted speaker who speaks for the chofetz chiam heritage foundation   Allowed the alleged pervert rabbi bodkins to blow shofar for his minyan

It is clear that the rabbi’s do not have Jewish children’s best interests at heart or have no problems allowing perverts to be in their synagogue

Perhaps if people who hired rabbi s Goldberg and Shapiro as speakers would research their background about how many children have been hurt by their inaction and lack of care for the safety of Jewish children they might actually care

T He chofetz chiam  heritage fund should be asked how come their main speaker allows an alleged pervert to blow shofar on rosh hashana

Rabbi’s Goldberg and Shapiro you should be ashamed

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