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Why are Jewish Newspapers not Covering the Rabbi Greer Rape Case? YU – Where are you?

April 26, 2017 Uncategorized
Greer witness list

The Witness List – Rabbi Daniel Greer of Yeshiva of New Haven, Yeshiva University, A Cover-up?

LostMessiah, 26 April 2017

This is a developing story.

We were sent a copy of the witness list in the federal lawsuit against Rabbi Daniel Greer who, as you may remember, is accused of raping at least one Jewish student who attended Yeshiva of New Haven and the Gan School.

We note a few extraordinary things about that witness list that raise questions, which in our view point to a widespread conspiracy by many within Jewish community, Yeshiva University context and affiliated Jewish organizations to cover up the sexual assault of children by prominent Jewish rabbis.

We note the name of witness Rabbi, J. David Bleich, who sits on the Board of Yeshivah University, is an expert in Jewish ethics and is widely respected. While he was ultimately denied the authority to testify on procedural grounds, his willingness to potentially bare false witness on behalf of Greer raises questions. Why would Bleich testify? Is there anything he can say or think that could make this case okay? Why is Yeshiva University and why are other Jewish organizations and “ethics experts” not promoting justice on behalf of Greer’s victims and ostensibly others like them.

Is the Jewish rabbinical community any different than the Priesthood in this regard and why are the communities not doing something to help the children?

We note a Rabbi who made media attention after he found $200,000 in a desk drawer, also on that list. Is this a coincidence or is there money circulating the YU Rabbinical world paying off witnesses or paying for testimony?

We are posting the below article as the article’s author has gathered significant information and apparently uncovered numerous victims and a litany of unsavory indications that the Yeshiva community does not want this case adjudicated in favor of Greer, at any cost.

The article is dated April 24, 2017 and should serve as a backdrop.

We note that aside from Rabbi Greer’s name, the victims’ names – as commented to by the author – have been changed. DCF is the “Department of Child and Family Services.”

There is currently a litany of information on the Greer rape case available on Mr. Noodles’ site. There is also a history of the case which we will post in “FURTHER READING” below.

By way of this post, we implore upon the Jewish media community to follow and provide media attention of the case. We ask you to review the list of witnesses and ask yourselves if our contention of a widespread cover-up is worth exploring. We believe it is. We believe that there is still room for “Spotlight.”


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