Pinson and YY Jacobson get million dollar homes from Louis Schiener for standing by him

The fraud rabbi who visited the pope the fraud Kabbalist Pinson has received a free million dollar home in MONSEY  to soften the blow of being thrown out of Chabad Lubavitch and  removed from being a shlichus.

In fact there is a movement with respected rabbis to remove his ordination due to his  worshiping  the head of a church and singing  in front of him

Now  Pinson and Jacobson can be  neighbors while they live off Louis Schiener

Pinson has been careful to not say that it was YY jacobson that authorized and gave the haskama for the popes visit

People in the know are saying that YY makes up many of his stories with embellishments and he believes what he said to Pinson is not an issue

Since Louis Schiener has been very busy selling of his nursing homes because of investigations and his other criminal activity .

We are finding out much more from an insider who Louis Schiener is confiding in that he has made career of skirting the Law and using synagogues and schools to clean things like money.  That is why he has been making souls and buying land to build      a new soul and yeshiva   .   It helps when you need to move cash

We are shocked that he has not apologized to the family of the boy that died in Louis Schieners mancave

As schiener divests himself from nursing homes he is buying property in manhattan and monsey

His problem is the feds know whats going on as one of his close friends has been singing for a while

TO UMAN we go next

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