Is this a turning point in the battle against abuse?

Last month, Aharon Shlomo Lisson (Lyson), a Chabad teacher from Beitar Illit, was sentenced to 7 years in prison for sexually abusing three brothers. That evening, his oldest victim, Yankie Rainitz, released a powerful post on Facebook which quickly went viral. (You can read a translated version of his Facebook post HERE

The following day, COL, the largest Chabad news site in Israel, published an unprecedented editorial which we’ve translated from its original Hebrew below.

What you are about to read is not a standard article. It will not increase respect for Chabad Chassidim or the community. Many of you may believe that our dirty laundry should not be aired in public. But the city is burning. If there ever was a moment to put our honor aside, this seems to be the moment.
We were all shocked yesterday when we heard (again) the story of the teacher who abused his students in such a severe manner. We were all shocked when we read the cry of the abused. Everyone feels that he must do everything in order to eradicate this plague from our camp. To protect his children – to protect our children! Everyone is thinking about the next step. How do you stop it? They promise themselves that this will never happen to their child.


Indeed, we hope that this will be so, and that no student nor parent will have to go through the hell that the young children and their parents have undergone.


In a moving post published by one of the victims, he described in a heartrending way the abuse he and his family underwent. By reading between the lines, one can detect his anger and hurt at the lack of support and belief by the community. From the moment the family followed the only possible course of action by reporting the abuse to police, they received a cold shoulder and were even ostracized by many good people. Not only that, but astonishingly, during the long trial (which included 59! terrible and intimidating court appearances by the victims) many avraichim, educators and lay leaders came to support the abuser and to testify as character witnesses. Of course, from the point of view of halacah and from a legal point of view, everyone has the presumption of innocence, but apparently, no real attempt was made to see if perhaps the person they had known since birth and who appeared to be the biggest chassid, actually hid a terrible secret.


It is of course difficult to imagine a man who appeared to be so nice and chassidish as a monster, but based on recent experiences, alarm bells should have gone off.


When educators and influential people stand in support of the abuser, what is a child who is being abused in school supposed to think? What can he conclude from this? His only conclusion will be that he has no one to report to. The assumption of trust will always be with the educator, the principle the mashpia, but never with the victim.


This disturbing support should be of concern to every parent, not just the parents of the victim. Each and every parent who cares about their children must wake up and cry out, how!? How do you dare cause, G-d forbid, that when my child is in need, he will feel that the last person he can turn to is his teacher or mashpia???


The community members as well – not all of them but unfortunately too many – at best were indifferent or in the worst cases revealed a skepticism and mistrust of the family. There was too much talk and gossip claiming that this was all a plot to extort money.


What would a child who held a terrible secret inside him think when he hears such talk at home or in the shul? What chance is there that he’ll believe that he would get the adult support he will need to overcome the obstacles of reporting his abuser?


And worst of all, what do abusers think – the one who might be sitting next to you in shul – hearing this distrust for the victim? Seeing the support for the abuser? Does it encourage him to continue his actions or will it make him try to stop? The answer is painfully clear.


Unfortunately, what is done is done, but there is one act that can rectify the injustice and even make a real statement. The avraichim, rabbis and educators must go and apologize to the family, and repent for their sin. Firstly, this is their halachic and moral obligation, but above all, this will be a real statement that what happened here will not happen again. Never again will an abused child have to fight against the whole world. Never again will an abuser feel wrapped in an embrace of support.


Dear chassidim, this is in your hands, put your honor aside.


Do not remain silent at this time.

Firm ran Ponzi scheme by claiming Jay-Z connections

I thought you’d be interested in this story from the New York Post.

Firm ran Ponzi scheme by claiming Jay-Z connections

A Long Island firm lied about having ties to Jay-Z’s entertainment company Roc Nation to bilk investors out of $70 million in a Bernie Madoff-style scheme, according to court papers and alleged victims.

Rabbi Daniel Greer Arrested on Child Molesting Charges

Rabbi Daniel Greer Arrested on Child Molesting Charges

Rabbi Daniel Greer was arrested today (7/26/17) in New Haven, CT on charges of sexually assaulting Eliyahu Mirlis, a student in his yeshiva, around 13 years ago. Mirlis recently won a twenty million dollar judgement against Greer in a civil trial.

Bail was set at $100,000 and promptly paid by Greer.

For the full story, see the New Haven Independent Report.

Had the same crime happened in New York State, the alleged crime would not have been prosecutable becuase it was past the state’s very skimpy statute of limitations which force the victim to initiate the police complaint before their 23rd birthday.

Wall Of Shame Alert : Brooklyn, NY   Moshe Friedman 

Wall Of Shame Alert : Brooklyn, NY
Moshe Friedman was originally charged with first-degree felony sexual conduct against a child for violent sadistic abuse of a 6 year old student— but pleaded guilty to endangering the welfare of a child, a misdemeanor.

According to his plea deal, he must serve three years probation, surrender his Department of Education teaching license, never contact the victim or be around anyone under the age of 18, not speak to other sex offenders, not watch pornography, no calls to phone sex services and must not use the computer to view sexual material.

According to current information received by JCW, Friedman regularly davens in the Boston shul at 1569 47th street on Shabbosim and lives in close proximity to the shul.

If you have any information about assaults committed by Friedman, or violation of his plea deal, please contact NYPD Sex Crimes Report Line at 1-212-267-7273.

If you have further information or are in need of support, contact JCW.

להציל פדופיל על חשבון דם של נאנס מי התיר – שאלה גלויה לראשי הישיבות והרבנים שהעידו למענו של הפדופיל

להציל פדופיל על חשבון דם של נאנס מי התיר – שאלה גלויה לראשי הישיבות והרבנים שהעידו למענו של הפדופיל

הנושא קשה, מפני שבכל מצב יהודי הוא יהודי וגם כשנפל צריך לעזור לו. נכון, אנו נלחמים בפדופילים ואין מנוס חייבים לעצור את הנגע הזה חייבים לעשות כמה שאפשר להפחיד את מי שעושים זאת שיפסיקו יבינו כי הם יישבו בבית הסוהר כל חייהם אם ימשיכו, אבל מן העבר האחר האם שייך כאן תשובה, קשה לקבוע, מפני שיש כאן בין אדם לחבירו ועד שירצה את חבירו, ומה שברור הנפגע שבור ורצוץ ולא שמענו שמחל לו, במצב הזה קשה למחול

אני מתייחס לנושא מפני שרואים זאת הרבה פעמים כשנשפטים פדופילים וסוטים חרדים, הם מביאים לבית המשפט להעיד עבורם ‘עדות אופי’ כמה טובים שהם, ואת מי הם מביאים? אנשים חשובים. קחו לדוגמא את הסוטה מלמד בחב”ד שנשפט השבוע לשבע שנות מאסר על מה שעשה בתלמידיו, התייצבו חשובי הרבנים ביניהם גם ראש ישיבת כפר חב”ד הרב גופין והעיד לטובתו של הסוטה כמה אדם טוב הוא בכל יתר התחומים. ויתכן שהכל אמת, אבל האם הוא לקח בחשבון כמה דם נשפך לאותו בחור רייניץ שנפגע ורואה כיצד רבנים בזה אחר זה באים להעיד לטובת זה שפגע בו? האם לקחו בחשבון את הדם שלו שנשפך כמים כשהוא שומע את עדותם בבית המשפט מנסים לעזור לו?

אני יודע כי מדובר כאן בשאלה הלכתית ממדרגה ראשונה, מפני שמצד אחד חייבים לעזור לכל יהודי בכל מצב, מאידך לשפוך דם של יהודי אחר, מתייצבים כאן בפני מצב שהוא מן הקשים, אני לא יודע איך יכולים אותם מי שהעידו להראות את פניהם בפני הבחורים והאברכים שנפגעו, האם דמם הפקר?

אני כותב שורות אלו בכאב, מפני שקשה לי להכריע מה נכון לעשות כאן, הייתי רוצה לשמוע את אותם מי שהעידו האם הם התייעצו עם רבנים ומי הם ועל סמך מה הם התירו לשפוך את דמם של הנפגעים שבכו בליבם כשראו כיצד יהודים כאלו מסייעים בידי רוצח שופך דם של צעירים אותם אנס בצורה מבחילה ומחרידה

חיים שאולזון

Canary Mission Releases a Damning New Exposé of UC Berkeley Professor Hatem Bazian  

Campus watchdog, Canary Mission, has documented over 1300 students and professors promoting hatred of the USA, Israel and the Jewish people, on college campuses in North America. Almost all of them have been influenced by University of California, Berkeley professor Hatem Bazian.
The Canary Mission exposé includes 2 videos and an in-depth profile on Professor Bazian:
The materials expose that Nablus-born Hatem Bazian:

  • Calls for intifada [violent uprising] in the USA
  • Has a ‘project’ to re-write history
  • Blames Jews for both Islamophobia and anti-semitism
  • Spreads anti-semitic conspiracy theories
Bazian is responsible for founding two radical organizations, Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) and American Muslims for Palestine (AMP)

SJP was identified in at least three studies as correlating with heightened anti-semitism on campus, using inflammatory language, such as “intifada” and “genocide.” They have also been cited for using tactics of violence, provocation and intimidation against their fellow students and visiting speakers.
Bazian fans these flames of division, giving impassioned speeches, imploring students to “harass” their administrations and inciting them with directives like “the only language the slave master understands is the language of violence”.
AMP have several material connections to the terrorist organization Hamas. U.S. officials have stated in testimony before Congress that there is a broad overlap of former employees of organizations providing financial support to Hamas that now play important roles in the Bazian- founded AMP.
Finally, these two updated reports document the activities of Bazian’s organizations:
About Canary Mission:
Canary Mission is a national campus watchdog created to document the people and groups that are promoting hatred of the USA, Israel and Jews on college campuses in North America.