shaya lichtenstein taped all his dealings

Shaya Lichtenstein’s Secret Recordings

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Shaya Lichtenstein secretly recorded some 70,000 conversations, including many with cops. Singing like a Chazzan

A crooked gun broker secretly made thousands of recordings of conversations with corrupt NYPD cops, federal prosecutors said Wednesday.
The revelation likely will send shock waves through the department.

In a letter filed in Manhattan Federal Court, prosecutors said Alex (Shaya) Lichtenstein secretly recorded some 70,000 conversations, including many with cops.

In November, Lichtenstein pleaded guilty to bribing NYPD officers to obtain pistol licenses.

Lichtenstein saved the conversations to an e-mail account, “many of them contemporaneous memorialization of dealings of questionable legality with members of the NYPD,” according to the letter written by Assistant U.S. Attorney Martin Bell.

“During our initial review of those recordings, we learned that some of these calls implicated at least one of the defendants in this case.”

The feds said they also got “material” from the phones of Jeremy Reichberg, a Brooklyn businessman who is accused of doling out gifts to senior cops, including trips to the Super Bowl, Brazil and China, sources said.

That material was not described in any more specifics.

Lichtenstein pleaded guilty on Nov. 10 to offering a cop $6,000 in exchange for an expedited gun permit.

“I had a good and friendly relationship with New York City police officers. During these years, I gave police officers in the Licensing Division things of value, including money, knowing that by giving them those things, the officers would do me favors, including expediting gun license applications,” Lichtenstein, 45, said.

Sgt. David Villanueva is accused of accepting gifts in exchange for helping speed up weapons permits.

Police Officer Richard Ochetal, formerly of the gun licensing unit, pleaded guilty to charges relating to the probe — and is cooperating with cops, the feds said in June.

Deputy Chief Michael Harrington and Deputy Inspector James Grant were also arrested for allegedly acting as “cops on call” for Reichberg and another wealthy de Blasio donor, Jona Rechnitz.

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moshe m leherfeld bills were part of the criminal case from FM

Moshe  Lerfield is a rabbi and on the board of CHofetz Chiam yeshiva in Miami

He also has been accused of squandering   a family trust

“don’t steal isn’t part of his ten commandments”

or is it ok to steal from a non jew”

Moshe M. Lehrfield’s Billing Records At The Heart Of The New Criminal Case Against Haredi Mega Scammer Eliyahu Weinstein

Eliyahu Weinstein no hat putting on coatGreenberg Taurig’s Moshe M. Lehrfield’s billing records for the real estate ‘deal’ at  the center of the new criminal case against haredi mega scammer Eliyahu Weinstein.

Eliyahu Weinstein

Read the details of why what Lehrfield did was crucial for Weinstein and made it possible for Weinstein to pull off the alleged fraud here.

Please click to enlarge:

Weinstein, Eliyahu Case 2 Doc 97

Weinstein, Eliyahu Case 2 Doc 98

Update 7:50 pm CDT 4-20-2014 – Note how little time the transferred money stays in the escrow account. Then check the indictment to see that Lehrfield was still ‘negotiating’ the sale of the property after the account meant to pay for it had been looted.

Please click to enlarge:

Greenberg Taurig Account Records

Greenberg Taurig Account Records page 2


Haredi Fraudster Alex Schleider Sentenced, Daughter Lashes Out At Victims
Alex Schleider 2A source close to the case tells that Alex Schleider, one of the conspirators in the most recent federal fraud case against haredi mega scammer Eliyahu Weinstein, has just been sentenced to prison, and his daughter screamed at victims after the sentencing.

Above: Alex Schleider

Updated at 3:25 pm CST

A source close to the case tells that Alex Schleider, one of the conspirators in the most recent federal fraud case against haredi mega scammer Eliyahu Weinstein, has just been sentenced to one year and one day in prison. was also told that Schleider’s daughter Debbie screamed at Schleider’s victims after the sentencing and acted as if her father, who is unquestionably guilty, should not have been sentenced to prison.

Update 10:19 pm CST – Here’s the US Atorney’s press release. Note Schleider has pay some restitution and forfeiture:

Ocean County, N.J., Man Sentenced To One Year In Prison For His Role In Multi-Million Dollar Real Estate Investment Scheme
December 8, 2014

TRENTON, N.J. – A Lakewood, New Jersey, man was sentenced today to one year and one day in prison for his part in a real estate investment fraud scheme that defrauded investors of more than $1 million, U.S. Attorney Paul J. Fishman announced.

Alex Schleider, 49, previously pleaded guilty before U.S. District Judge Joel A. Pisano to an information charging him with one count of wire fraud. Judge Pisano imposed the sentence today in Trenton federal court.

According to documents filed in this case and statements made in court:

Schleider, Eliyahu Weinstein, 39, of Lakewood, and the other defendants persuaded victims to invest in the purported purchase of an apartment complex, “Belle Glade Gardens,” in Florida. They told the victims that Weinstein had the opportunity to purchase Belle Glade Gardens at a discounted price and immediately flip it at a substantial profit. Schleider and Weinstein further told the victims that Weinstein had already placed $2.5 million in the trust account of a Miami law firm for the transaction; that if the victims contributed another $2.5 million toward the transaction, those funds would remain in escrow at the Miami law firm until the deal closed; and that the victims would be repaid within 60 days. The victims wired $2.83 million to the Miami law firm in order to complete the Belle Glades Gardens transaction. Schleider and Weinstein did not use the money to purchase Belle Glades Gardens. Instead, they redirected the money from the law firm to accounts that they controlled, returned $1.8 million to the victims as a purported return on a prior Facebook investment, and used the remaining money for their own purposes.

In addition to the prison term, Judge Pisano Schleider to serve three years of supervised release and ordered him to pay restitution of $613,200 and forfeiture of $363,200.

Weinstein, 39, also pleaded guilty to charges related to his role in the scheme and is scheduled for sentencing on Dec. 15, 2014. Charges against a third conspirator, Aaron Muschel, 64, of Brooklyn, New York, who was charged in the criminal complaint filed against Weinstein and Schleider in May 2013, remain pending. The charges against him are merely accusations and he is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

U.S. Attorney Fishman credited special agents of the FBI, under the direction of Special Agent in Aaron T. Ford in Newark, for the investigation leading to today’s sentencing. He also thanked agents of IRS–Criminal Investigation, under the direction of Acting Special Agent in Charge Jonathan D. Larsen, for their role in the investigation.

The government is represented by Counsel to the U.S. Attorney Rachael A. Honig; Gurbir S. Grewal, Chief of the U.S. Attorney’s Office Economic Crimes Unit; Assistant U.S. Attorney Zach Intrater, Deputy Chief of the General Crimes Unit; and Evan S. Weitz of the Asset Forfeiture and Money Laundering Unit.

This case was brought in coordination with President Barack Obama’s Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force (FFETF) which was created in November 2009 to wage an aggressive, coordinated and proactive effort to investigate and prosecute financial crimes. With more than 20 federal agencies, 94 U.S. attorney’s offices and state and local partners, it’s the broadest coalition of law enforcement, investigatory and regulatory agencies ever assembled to combat fraud. Since its formation, the task force has made great strides in facilitating increased investigation and prosecution of financial crimes; enhancing coordination and cooperation among federal, state and local authorities; addressing discrimination in the lending and financial markets and conducting outreach to the public, victims, financial institutions and other organizations. Over the past three fiscal years, the Justice Department has filed more than 10,000 financial fraud cases against nearly 15,000 defendants including more than 2,700 mortgage fraud defendants. For more information on the task force, visit


Beware of Moshe Friedman: Your Stomach Will Turn After You Read the Police Report
Moshe Friedman got a sweetheart deal which kept him out of jail and off the sex offender registry when he pled guilty on February 1, 2017 to a misdemeanor charge of “child endangerment” (NY Daily News).

Some of his defenders will say he didn’t really do anything serious. Maybe he just slapped a boy who was misbehaving. But you won’t say that after you read the police report with allegations of a string of sadistic sexual tortures that led to his indictment for multiple felony acts which could have put him in prison for decades.

According to the signed and sworn police report which was the basis of his indictment: The People of the State of New York County of Kings v Moshe Friedman:

…Between September 01, 2013 … and June 06, 2014 … at … [a yeshiva in Boro Park], the defendant … on multiple incidents per month …

Did strike the informant’s hand with defendant’s hand when informant’s hand was injured and treated with a cast
Did place defendant’s hand on the informant’s exposed buttocks
Did grab the informant’s penis,
Did insert the defendant’s finger into the informant’s anus
Did insert a banana into the informant’s anus
Did put the defendant’s mouth on the informant’s buttocks
Did place the informant’s penis inside the defendant’s mouth
Did bite the informant’s penis with defendant’s mouth
Did tie a string around the informant’s penis
Did shove a rag into the informant’s mouth
Did tie the informant’s lips shut with string
Did display a gun to the informant and state to the informant in sum and substance, “you’d better not tell your parents, or I’ll kill you and your family.”
The … [boy was born in] 2007.

Moshe friedman (click on pic to enlarge)

This is a description of nine months of severe physical violence, sexual abuse, life-threatening terror, and perverse sadism which was inflicted on a six-year-old child.

And yet, no jail time and no inclusion on the sex offender registry. All this because the child was unable or unwilling to testify and because the DA probably did not beat the bushes to find other victims that might have testified.

Arthur Aidala

The family might have been afraid to have their son to testify because they were going to be up against, Arthur Aidala., Brooklyn’s highest paid criminal defense lawyer. Aidala got the conviction of Baruch [Mordechai] Lebovitz overturned on appeal and then got a plea deal with only a few more months of jail time. Aidala was the closest of buddies with former DA Charles Hynes and used that connection to influence DA staff.

The current DA, Eric Gonzalez was part of the old Hynes machine. So they had to worry the fix might be in. Most Hasidim in Brooklyn assume the fix is in with the DA. Everyone in Brooklyn who pays attention to these matters know the DA is pressured by the Haredi community to go easy on orthodox sex abusers. Everyone also knows that a DA running for election or reelection, courts the Haredi block vote. And Gonzalez is running for election to the position to which he was just appointed after the death of DA Ken Thompson.

Agudath Israel VP R. Zwiebel & Bkln DA Eric Gonzalez

The family may also have been worried that Aidala would earn his high fees by brutalizing the child if he went on the stand.

In all likelihood, the family may have been intimidated by their Haredi community into going easy on Moshe Friedman. Shamefully, most of the community still believes that keeping a fellow Jew out of jail is important even if he is known to be a child molester.

So at the end of the day they settled for a misdemeanor of child endangerment which isn’t even explicitly about sexual abuse. But have no doubt about the basis of the conviction. Look at the probation terms for the next three years (Daily News). Moshe Friedman must:

Surrender his Department of Education teaching license
Never contact the victim or be around anyone under the age of 18
Not speak to other sex offenders
Not watch pornography
Not make calls to phone-sex services
Not use the computer to view sexual material
Incredibly there isn’t even a requirement for psychological treatment on a continuing basis.

scales of justice and childAt the end of the day I say NO THANK YOU to

The Brooklyn DA Eric Gonzalez and his head of sex crimes, Miss Gregory.
The Haredi community that intimidates victims
Agudah and any rabbi who claims you need a rabbi to decide whether sex crimes should be reported to the police
Those who funded the lawyer at ~$800 an hour
Shomrim which will not publicize the danger posed by Friedman
Every Haredi askan who leans on the DA to go easy on Haredim who abuse their children
I know that I wouldn’t let him anywhere near children and I would want other parents to be warned. That is why almost anyone knowing these facts would want him on the sex offender registry. But since he isn’t, folks will have to spread the word on their own.

7rl6rwwn2If you know of other criminal acts by Moshe Friedman share this information with the sex crimes unit (aka Special Victims Unit of the NYPD @ (718) 230–4416) even if they happened in another jurisdiction or they are past the statute of limitations, or you are not personally willing to pursue prosecution. Any additional information could help lead to an additional conviction, or to the alteration of the terms of probation, or to his imprisonment for violating the terms of his probation. If they happened in another jurisdiction contact the sex crimes unit in that jurisdiction. If they involved crossing state or international lines in any manner, contact the FBI.

If you know the whereabouts of Moshe Friedman or the organizations in which he is involved please share them with me. You can leave a comment on this post. If you request, the comment will never be seen by anyone else. Just be sure to leave an accurate email address, or another method by which I can reach you such as a phone number, a FaceBook account, or a Twitter handle.

Allan Pollack from lakewood a partner with eli weinstein to be sentenced

United States v. Defendant(s) ALLEN POLLAK
Case Number 2015R00676 and Court Docket Number 15-CR-00476


The enclosed information is provided by the United States Department of Justice Victim Notification System (VNS). As a victim witness professional, my role is to assist you with information and services during the prosecution of this case. You have been designated to receive notifications on behalf of the following victim(s) identified by law enforcement during the investigation of the case:

The sentencing previously scheduled for defendant(s) ALLEN POLLAK on March 8, 2017, 02:00 PM at Trenton – Courtroom 4W, Clarkson S. Fisher Bldg & US Courthouse, 402 East State Street, Trenton, NJ, 08608 has been rescheduled by the court. VNS will continue to provide you with updated case scheduling and event information.

The sentencing hearing for defendant(s), ALLEN POLLAK, has been set for March 27, 2017, 11:00 AM at Trenton – Courtroom 4W, Clarkson S. Fisher Bldg & US Courthouse, 402 East State Street, Trenton, NJ, 08608 before Judge Anne Thompson. You are welcome to attend this proceeding; however, unless you have received a subpoena, your attendance is not required by the Court. If you plan on attending, you may want to verify the date and time by using the VNS Call Center or website. If you are a victim of the charged offense(s) and wish to speak at sentencing, please call our office well in advance of the scheduled hearing date.

A United States Probation Officer prepares a report for the Court and may contact you to discuss the impact the crime had on you financially, physically, and/or emotionally. If you are contacted, please make every effort to provide accurate and detailed information.

Because of the Court’s schedule, hearing dates could change on very short notice. If you plan on attending, you may want to call the VNS Call Center or check the website to confirm the date and time. Please note, there is a 24-hour delay in information transfer to the website.

Through the Victim Notification System (VNS) we will continue to provide you with updated scheduling and event information as the case proceeds through the criminal justice system. You may obtain current information about this case on the VNS website at or from the VNS Call Center at 1-866-DOJ-4YOU (1-866-365-4968) (TDD/TTY: 1-866-228-4619) (International: 1-502-213-2767). In addition, you may use the Call Center or Internet to update your contact information and/or change your decision about participation in the notification program.

You will use your Victim Identification Number (VIN) and Personal Identification Number (PIN) ‘ anytime you contact the Call Center and the first time you log into VNS on the website. If you are receiving notifications with multiple victim ID/PIN codes please contact the VNS Call Center. In addition, the first time you access the VNS website, you will be prompted to enter your last name (or business name) as currently contained in VNS. The name you should enter is Paykin, Richland & Falkowski, PC.

Remember, VNS is an automated system and cannot answer questions. If you have other questions which involve this matter, please contact this office at the number listed above.


from lost messiah about platinum partners


January 4, 2017 LostMessiah Black Elk, Corruption, Diamonds, Money Laundering, Murray Huberfeld, Platinum Partners, Ponzi and Pyramid SchemesDavid Bodner, Mark Nordlicht, Murray Huberfeld, Platinum Fund, Platinum Partners

LostMessiah 4 January 2016

LostMessiah was and has been the brainchild of several people who began this venture last February with a few stories already in our heads, Platinum being front and center.

From the very beginning we made clear that something was very wrong with Platinum, beginning with the extraordinary, though irrational returns. We then raised the question of David Bodner and a piece of property (191 Viola Road) that transferred names rather nefariously in Rockland County, New York.

We questioned the Africa-Israel connection and most notably those who financed Platinum in its early years: David Bodner and Murray Huberfeld and their band of merry… Philanthropists? No.

We posted diagrams.

Huberfeld Ponzi1.3

We showed you the connections between Seabrook and Platinum, COBA and Platinum. We even spoke of Black Elk, a story still in its making. We believe that most of the Platinum investor money (which is likely currently in the family trusts of Bodner and Huberfeld and in the yeshivas begun by Nordlicht and his family) belongs to Black Elk investors who were taken for a ride during a tender offer which was specifically intended to drain the company of its assets.

That story is still one to be told but unfortunately 12 pages later, we have found a web of lies and a spider with far more than eight legs and we have not even scratched the surface.

The investor money has not been spent, in our view. It has been funneled. The trick is going to be getting it out from under the various trust laws protecting it. The key to Huberfeld’s participation in all of this beyond his family trusts is his property which has more recently been transferred to his wife in a quit-claim deed.

There were people questioning – just too few listening.

Mikva issues from Failed Messiah

OCTOBER 02, 2011

Molested In The Mikva
Handcuffs Orange Jumpsuit A Bnei Brak man was arrested, indicted and charged earlier today with sodomy and indecent assault against three boys that he allegedly molested in a mikva.

Molested In The Mikva
Bnei Brak man arrested, indicted and charged with sodomy and indecent assault against three boys

A resident of the haredi city of Bnei Brak was arrested, indicted and charged earlier today with sodomy and indecent assault against three boys, all less than 16 years old. The assaults took place in a Bnei Brak mikva, ritual bath as the boys immersered and as they showered beforehand, the Jerusalem Post reported.

The man also allegedly forced the boys to perform sex acts.

The District Attorney asked the court to remand the man, who according to court order cannot be named, until the end of the legal proceedings against him.

A mikva employee noticed the man following one of the boys into the mikva and called a member of what the Jerusalem Post calls “a local Haredi organization” who came to the mikva and held the accused molester until police arrived.

Aaron Glucksman gets 3 days off his jail for pesach or mikva night

Register Number: 81725-053
Docket Number: 14-CR-00246

This notice is provided by the United States Department of Justice Victim Notification System. I am contacting you because you were identified by law enforcement as a victim during the investigation of the above criminal case.

There is new information regarding the above referenced matter that can be viewed by accessing the VNS Web page at and registering with VNS. Registering with VNS provides the ability to access all notifications regarding this case, view any additional documents provided during the case as well as update your personal contact information. You will need the following information to register with VNS: (1) your VNS ID and PIN that was provided to you in the initial email you received from VNS. In addition, if you have received a letter from VNS, your ID and PIN are included in the letter; (2) Your last name or business name as listed in the VNS letter or email.

If you want future email notices from VNS to contain the details regarding the case events, you can elect to “verify” your email address when you register by providing that information during the registration process. Verifying your email with the VNS will also allow you to be assured of receiving timely notifications regarding this matter.

If you do not want to register with VNS, but you want to receive VNS email notices that contain the details about recent events, you should verify your email address by selecting this link to VNS. You will need to provide the following information to verify your email address: VNS ID, your last name or business name, and your email address (you must enter the same email address used for this message). Please understand that if you elect to verify your email address without registering with VNS, you will not have access to the VNS Web site.

man stabbed in Safra sefardic shul in aventura

A man stabbed another man three times at a Sephardic Aventura synagogue on Tuesday morning, police said.

The victim and the attacker knew each other, said Maj. Michael Bentolila, a spokesman for Aventura police. Both men regularly attended services at Beit Edmond Safra, on 19275 Mystic Point Drive, and the victim was likely at the synagogue for morning services when he was stabbed just before 7 a.m.

Bentolila said that the assault was over a “domestic-related issue” and that the victim was expected to fully recover from his wounds. Police took the attacker into custody.

Read more here: