why is manis friedman lecturing boys about marriage

he  has two kids divorced
one child accused of molesting a young child and said he was molested as a young boy by a sibling

and this is who is lecturing chabad boys and girls about marriage

more to come

Test for Bais Toras Menachem of LA

The bachurim of Bais Toras Menachem (“BTM”) Smicha Program in Los Angeles were tested on the chelek “Basar B’chalav” in Yoreh Deiah by Dayan Rabbi Elchonon Tauber.
On Tuesday, Chof Gimel Adar, the bachurim of Bais Toras Menachem (“BTM”) Smicha Program were tested on the chelek “Basar B’chalav” in Yoreh Deiah, an integral element of the academic requirements for Rabbinic ordination.

The students were tested by Rabbi Elchonon Tauber, Dayan and Rov of Congregation Beis Yehuda in Los Angeles.

Taught by the renowned Maggid Shiur Rabbi Levi Chazan, the students spent several months of intense study to prepare for this important test. Rabbi Chazan is known for his warm enthusiastic style, transmitting the limudim in a way which is both interesting and relevant.

Rabbi Tauber was extremely impressed with the wide array of knowledge the boys exhibited on the subject; the bachurim were able to answer many practical questions which portrayed their keen understanding of the Halochos.

Other recent highlights during this current zman include a personal live lecture with Rabbi Manis Friedman who responded to their hard hitting questions, primarily about “Shidduch Readiness for Bachurim”. BTM recognizes the great importance of addressing these issues while the boys are at the threshold of their future. BTM hopes to continue these discussions so its bachurim are not only equipped with Smicha and some secular education, but are prepared for their true Tachlis as future husbands and fathers.

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