why is this man allowed in synagogues – Rabbi Israel Bodkins

this man is visiting the elderly now and trying to fundraise
we have been receiving many emails about this man and believe that he is a danger to the community at large

Case of Rabbi Yisroel Bodkins
Case of Rabbi Yisroel Bodkins
(AKA: Steven Scott Bodkins, Steve Bodkins,
Steven S. Bodkins, Yisroel Z. Bodkins)

Formerly known as the Case of the Unnamed Rabbi At Camp Dora Golding

Rabbi – Yeshiva Elementary, Miami Beach, FL
Nature and Pioneering Director – Camp Dora Golding, East Stroudsburg, PA
Rabbi – Brauser Maimonides Academy – Fort Lauderdale, FL
Elementary School Teacher – Chinuch, St. Louis, MO
Former Student – Mercaz HaTorah, Talpiot, Jerusalem, Israel
San Jose, CA
Palo Alto, CA

Allegations have been made that Rabbi Yisroel Bodkins has been molesting four boys for over twenty years.

November 14, 2011 –– An investigation was conducted by the Pennsylvania State Police into allegations of child sexual abuse at Camp Dora Golding. There were three separate incident reports made. Child Protective Services was called in and felt there was enough evidence to indicate that a sex crime had occurred and named Rabbi Yisroel Bodkins as the alleged perpetrator.

November 17, 2013 –– A mother of an alleged Survivor of Rabbi Yisroel Bodkins wrote a letter to Rabbi Ronnie Greenwald sharing that nearly twenty years ago when her son was in elementary school, he was also sexually assaulted. At the time she naively believed that the rabbonim would take are of the situation appropriately. Since that time since the child never received appropriate help from a legitimate rape crisis center, the alleged victim has walked away from the observant world.

Rabbi Ronnie Greenwald has a long history of allegedly mishandling cases of child sexual abuse and is considered to be an alleged enabler of sex offenders.

Just as in several other cases within the Torah observant world, fundraising efforts have occurred to assist the alleged offender to help reduce the cost of his or her legal defense, yet no fund has been established to assist the alleged survivors in this case.

If you or anyone you know were sexually abused by Rabbi Yisroel Bodkins, and are unsure if you should make a police report, contact jewish community watch

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