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3 Rabbis Endorse Tznius Rules

Crown Heights Rabbis are backing a set of modesty rules for women and girls detailed by fellow rabbis in Israel.

Crown Heights Beis Din Rabbis Avrohom OsdobaShlomo Segal and Yitzchok Raitport have signed a letter of support to new guidelines for women’s dress.

A letter in English and Hebrew accompanies the “standardized Tznius guidelines,” compiled by Nshei Ubnos Chabad, which was mailed to all the homes in the neighborhood.

“Tznius of a woman is not merely a matter between her and G-d, but rather a matter that affects her entire household,” they wrote. “Moreover, the Tznius of a woman affects not only her but also her offspring for generations to come.”

For this reason, they “join our names to the standardized Tznius guidelines issued by Rabbonei Chabad of Eretz Hakodesh on Rosh Chodesh Elul 5775.”

The guidelines include a list of items of clothing which should and should not be worn by women and girls in the neighborhood.

The guidelines range from general: “clothes should be respectable and tasteful, with colors and patterns that are not highly unusual, and made of materials that do not cling to the body, are not transparent, and are not the same color as the body,” to specific: “The skirt should be at least 10 centimeters – 4 inches – over the knee.”

Some other guidelines include color of nail polish – “natural color of nail,” length of wig – “should not reach past the shoulders,” and shoes – “should not draw attention and should reach up only to the ankle.”

These guidelines were originally instituted in Israel, and signed on by Israeli Rabbonim Rabbis Zev Dov SlonimYitzchok Y. YeruslavskyAvrohom Michoel HalperinYosef HechtEliyahu Yochanan Gurary and Menachem Mendel Gluckowsky.

A recent list of similar guidelines, instituted by Crown Heights girls school Bnos Menachem, was shared in the media, many complaining the school was overstepping its role.

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