Hypocrites     a vaad for chinuch but no stopping molesters 

Hypocrites     a vaad for chinuch but no stopping molesters

A new “Vaad HaChinuch” was appointed to advise on all Chinuch matters at Bais Rivkah, the new Board of Directors has announced.

While most are enjoying their summer break, and school and its schedule are all but forgotten with vacation’s welcome change of pace, the newly appointed board at Bais Rivkah School in Crown Heights has been hard at work planning for the upcoming school year.

The new board, which includes members Rabbi Avrohom Shemtov, Chairman, Mr. Mendy Gansburg, Rabbi Ephraim Goldfein, Mr. Yerachmeal Jacobson, Mr. Dovid Junik, Mr. Yoseph Kazarnovsky, Mr. Yigal Niasoff, Mr. Itchik Orimland and Mr. Dovid Sputz, was finally legally installed last June after months of negotiation.

Members told principals, teachers, and parents of the school’s 1,800 students that they are committing to turning the school around for good and ensuring transparency of legal and financial affairs.

“We have spent several tireless weeks in fast-paced and goal-oriented preparation,” a board member told COLlive.

In a further effort to advance the educational standards at the school, the board has announced the formation of an additional board of “esteemed educators and community leaders,” whose aim is to “pave the way forward in terms of the school’s ruchniyus,” they said in a letter to parents.

“The Vaad HaChinuch will work together with Bais Rivkah’s principals and teachers, addressing, guiding and advising on all chinuch matters within the school,” they said.

The new Vaad HaChinuch includes members Rabbi Levi Garelik, Mara D’Asra of Bais Shmuel Chabad, renowned educator and communal activist; Rabbi Nachman Twerski, Long time Magid Shiur and Mechanech in Mesivta Oholei Torah, and Rabbi Boruch Hertz, Rov of the Lubavitch community in Chicago and Congregation B’nei Reuven and Dean of the girl’s school in Chicago.

“The esteemed members of the Vaad HaChinuch look forward to working with the community and hearing the thoughts of both parents and alumni of Bais Rivkah,” they said. “We wish the new Vaad HaChinuch tremendous hatzlacha and look forward to working with them on implementing the Rebbe’s vision for the Chinuch of our daughters.”

The Board of Directors said they are also available and accessible to parents for questions related to tuition or general school concerns the board should be aware of and address.

“We are happy to receive input from parents so that we can work together on forming goals and making progress to benefit students and teachers alike,” they said.

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