The Fire of Torah – Rav Aharon Kotler – The REAL Story to follow.

Should the book be titled,  “Responsible for bochurim dying in shanghai
the quest to change historical facts”
This book doesn’t tell the story of how chassidic  boys died  from hunger because of rabbi kotler.
A book is being written now from a modern orthodox rabbi that is telling the whole story.
The  world will be shocked

The fire of Rav Aharon Kotler and his mesirus nefesh for Torah in America are captured in these amazing firsthand accounts of students and askanim for 1940 to early 1960. Each unforgettable story is told by a person who was there and actually witnessed it unfold, recreating the experience of being in Rav Aharon’s presence.

Be inspired by his insatiable thirst for Torah; feel his live and concern for every Jew. He was a man of action and truth, hard as steel in fighting with all his strength for what was right – but soft as a reed with talmidim and family. These astonishing recollections reveal Rav Aharon’s keen perception, holy spirit, and intensity of commitment to do Hashem’s will.

Here is an awe-inspiring glimpse of the colossal gaon and tzaddik who revolutionized the world of Torah Jewry.

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