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Bnos Menachem: Internet Filters on All Devices

Crown Heights Girls’ School Bnos Menachem has sent out another letter to its parent body ahead of the upcoming school year, this time instructing them that all devices at home capable of connecting to the internet must have filters installed on them.

The letter comes after a meeting was held at the school to address the issue, at which at least one parent of each student was required to attend.

The letter, signed by the Bnos Menachem Vaad, says the new standards are necessary “due to the ever-growing dangers and complexity of the internet.”

The filter is a requirement for every device in the home, the letter emphasizes, including devices that belong to other family members such as siblings.

“Installation of the filters is “a prerequisite condition for your daughters’ return to school in the fall,” the letter says.

In order to help facilitate this new school policy, Bnos Menachem has formed an arrangement whereby the school will subsidize the cost of the filter, capping the family contribution at $15 per month.

Earlier this month, the school made national headlines after it sent a letter to all parentsrequiring mothers to abide by enhanced modesty rules that include: not wearing dark nail polish, no denim, no long shaitels, no tight-fitting clothing, no leggings, no elbows; feet or neckline showing, and only mid-calf skirts.

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