ezra friedlamder according to D I N

Ezra Friedlander Supports Nadler’s Stabbing the Jewish People in the Heart

The Traitors and Roidfim

This Ezra Friedlander would sell his mother for a a bag of mixed chulent beans!

Fat Nadler stabs Holocaust survivors in the heart by voting for the Iran Deal, and gets Ezra to write an Op-Ed in theyeshivaworld.com asking his naive neighbors to understand Nadler before judging him. Even though Nadler supports the destruction of the State of Israel” and sides with Grand Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Sick mesheeganer!

Here is his Op-Ed …. My Comments in Red

Ezra: As a grandchild of Holocaust survivors, I am keenly aware of the existential threat a nuclear Iran poses to Israel and the world.

DIN: Apparently not…. your’e only aware of how much $$$$$ fat Nadler will funnel through your consulting firm!
People like you in concentration camps, were called Kapos!

Did I mention the fact that Ezra Friedlander, is a paid consultant for Nadler?

Ezra: I am not a scientist nor am I an expert on the intricacies of the Iran deal.
DIN: Then shut the hell up!

Ezra: Therefore, I cannot add my professional perspective or personal endorsement of the Iran Deal.

DIN: Who the hell are you? Do you think that people are waiting for your “professional perspective?”
What an arrogant piece of vermin!
Hey Ezra ….And You don’t have an opinion about a country that is about to get nuclear weapons pointed at your brothers and sisters?
Have you no heart? Ezra?

Ezra: My only below is to point out the soul-searching and difficult decision made by Congressman Nadler to support the Iran DeaI.

DIN: Nadler did no soul searching. And it was actually an easy decision by Nadler because Nadler is a sworn supporter of the Hussain Obama regime! He does not care one bit about the 6 million Jews living in jeopardy in the State of Israel because of this Iran deal, and you Kapo Friedlander don’t care either.

Ezra: I urge everyone, both critics and supporters of the deal, to read Mr. Nadler’s well-researched and thoughtful statement.
DIN: Are you insane? You want people who survived the worst calamity in Jewish history to read fat Nadler’s “thoughtful” statement?
Do you think that your Grandparents that perished in the ovens of Auschwitz, want you to “read Mr. Nadler’s well-researched and thoughtful statement?”
Ezra … Who do you think your murdered grandparents would want you to support?
Nadler or Schumer?

Ezra: Jerry Nadler’s sobering assessment
DIN: “Sobering assessment?”
Are you drunk? You naive foolish Kapo!

Ezra: should be read in its ENTIRETY -it fully recognizes that “no one can pretend that we are choosing between a set of flawless options. These decisions are hard, involving close calls and uncertain future predictions”.
I’d also like to remind everyone that it was Jerry Nadler who said prior to the Iraq War, that “ Iran — not Iraq — was the real threat, and if we removed Iraq as a buffer to Iranian influence and expansionism, Israel and the United States would be left to suffer from the consequences”.
DIN: What are you blabbering about?
“These decisions” are NOT “hard. The decision is actually a very easy one. Just vote against giving a nuclear option to a country that swears to wipe Israel off the map, a country where over 6 million Jews live.
And isn’t that a contradiction? If Iran “is the real threat,” why are you trusting the Iranians with a nuclear deal?

Ezra: It should also be noted that Congressman Nadler asked for and received unprecedented official Presidential assurances that should Iran “seek to dash toward a nuclear weapon” the United States will take whatever means necessary…including military means” to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon.
DIN: Oh! Fat Nadler got “assurances” ….. why don’t you tell that to the Iraqis … and the Saudis…and for that matter the Egyptians!
And according to the deal, Mr. kapo, the Iranians get a nuclear weapon in 15 years…. yup that’s in the deal!

Ezra: Additionally, Congressman Nadler received notification that the United States is prepared to increase funding for Iron dome, Arrow-3 and David Sling Missile Defense Systems.
DIN: Oh my! That’s assuring … alot of good is the Iron Dome and Arrow-3 and David Sling Missile Defense, against a nuclear bomb!
Notice that all the above is Israel’s Technology!

Ezra: Congressman’s Nadler’s statement that he is “outraged that some on the Left are making anti-Semitic accusations of dual loyalty or treason when someone, particularly a Jewish member of Congress, decides to oppose the agreement” is also reflective that he understands our rage when opponents of the deal have their patriotism questioned”
DIN: WHAT?????? So that makes us feel better, because Fat Nadler “understands our rage?” If he understood “our rage” he would oppose the Iran nuclear deal….
Hey Ezra Kapo….. where is your “rage??”

Ezra: Furthermore Jerry Nadler’s fully appreciates Israel’s role and disagrees with those who suggest that Israel’s government or people must not interfere in seeking to shape American decisions on these issues’…emphasizing such statements as a means of silencing an important part of the discussion’.
DIN: You know what Nadler? Stick your “appreciation of Israel’s role” where the sun don’t shine and vote against the deal! How about that?

Ezra: Mr. Nadler further states: “Israel and Israelis have an absolutely legitimate right to be concerned, given the existential threat they face, and to articulate that concern openly within the American political debate. If Iran were allowed to develop a nuclear weapon, that would represent a fundamental threat to the existence of Israel. A single nuclear bomb on Tel Aviv could destroy the homeland of the Jewish people, causing a catastrophic and irrevocable loss of Israeli lives and threatening the existence of our most important ally in the Middle East. Without Israel raising the alarm, the world might not have prioritized this threat and we would be in a weaker position than we are in today to respond to this terrifying question”.
DIN: Am I missing something? Having said all that, Fat Nadler votes for the Iran deal? I don’t get it…
And the Kapo, Ezra, repeats this nonsense!

Ezra: All of the aforementioned underscores Jerry Nadler’s thorough and keen understanding of the implications of the Iran Deal and I urge everyone to take the time to read the Congressman’s full statement to fully appreciate how he arrived at his decision.
DIN:Hey Kapo Ezra…. don’t you think that Senator Schumer read the same report as Fat Nadler?
Looks like Schumer will vote for the Jewish People and Fat Nadler and Kapo Ezra will vote to give an enemy of Israel a nuclear bomb …
Thanks alot Ezra!
Hey Ezra, how much $$$$$$$$$$$ will it take for you to turn and throw Nadler under the bus … you miserable traitor to the Jewish people!
Ezra, It’s far better to remain silent and be judged a fool then to speak up and remove all doubt!

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