why does crown heights allow a fraudster moshe pinson to be on this list of rabbis

please donate if we can help a man we should

While  we don’t know enough about this we agree with the sentiments from chaf

Except we have one caveat       moshe pinson the fraudster  and     the popes right hand must be removed  from any community   program or fundraiser  .     if you want a clean fundraiser  by people  who are deserving   of respect  not a pinson  person

and why is  sholom her drizin and the other billionaires in the community    not doing this   this is a pittance to them

“Pidyon Shvuyim” פדיון שבויים Campaign – Raising $59,000 to Free a Father in Need

Dear Reader:

We do not generally post this type of information because we do not want it to be deemed an endorsement. However, this was sent to us by a reader who, among other things, has never seen this type of fundraising campaign and is also a frequent contributor.

We have been unable to independently verify if the subject of this fundraiser actually did anything wrong and if so, what it was. We have no information on the aggrieved party or parties. We are publishing this at the behest of an LM loyalist in the hopes that perhaps by so doing, we are showing the best of this community as opposed to so many dark accounts found on these pages. If this man deserves the help, we hope that by posting, he gets it.

Should anyone find something nefarious in this fundraiser, or anything about the underlying circumstances, please let us know. To the extent that it is meant to remain private, we will respect that.

In the meantime, please do your own research and if you feel it justified, please donate to the campaign.

LM –  22.06.2017


Jun 22, 2017


Help Free a Father From Prison

A Crown Heights resident and father of a large family who fell into a bad business deal can narrowly escape jail time if he pays $59,000.

Dear fellow Jews,

A long time member of Anash and resident of Crown heights, a father to a large family ka”h, recently fell into a bad business deal, which resulted in a criminal case against him. Although a crime was done, this person actually did not commit the crime being brought against him.

He is currently facing up to two years jail time. With Hashem’s Nisim, the judge and prosecutors have agreed to give this individual a way out of this whole saga, by paying up the parties who were affected.

A sum of $59,000 needs to be collected ASAP in order to pay the remainder towards the court agreed settlement plus a very minimal amount to the lawyer on the case, who gave a massive discount.

The Yungerman is penniless and cannot afford any of this money alone.

Please participate in this great mitzvah of פדיון שבויים which will directly acquit this person from any wrongdoing, avoiding prison time and allowing him and his family to move forward with their lives.

Click here to help now

The details of this case are 100% verified.

All donations are tax deductible through NCFJE’s Pidyon Shvuyim fund.

Rabbi Levi Garelik

Rabbi Shea Hecht

Rabbi Benjy Stock

Moshe Pinson  popes right hand  and a man who ignored rebbe

Shua Brook

Yaacov Behrman

Yoni Raskin

Nachman Dov Vichnin

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