Chabad Rabbis Face 20 Questions

Chabad Rabbis Face 20 Questions

When was the last time you got to ask your Rabbi any question you wanted? What about questions you are too embarrassed to ask in person?

Over 175 people attended the Crossfire! event held in Los Angeles on September 7th, moderated by the high energy and always entertaining, Rabbi Abba Perelmuter.

The panel consisted of Rabbi Yosef Shusterman, a renowned Chabad rabbi and halachic authority from Beverly Hills in California; Rabbi Mendel Lipskier, a Mashpia and Shliach at Chabad of Sherman Oaks in California; and Rabbi Shlomo Bistritzky, Director of Outreach for Chabad of the Conejo.

The event was the last one for this year that was put on by the Anash Lecture Series in Los Angeles. The lecture series, run by several local Anash community members, strives to provide high-quality lecture events, but with free admission and open to all.

For the Crossfire! event, community members submitted their questions anonymously in advance via email. The questions that had the most relevance and broadest appeal, were asked of the panel.

“The event was amazing for several reasons,” said Sruli Schochet, one of the event coordinators. “The sheer volume of questions that came in, highlights how many people have pressing questions, but are too scared to ask, out of fear of being stigmatized or the like.

“Furthermore, it was an opportunity to interact with the Rabbis and leadership of our community, as well as see them in a different setting than regular life normally affords. I think such an event should be mandatory of every Chabad community out there.”

The spirited evening covered over 20 questions with such topics as: Halacha and cosmetic surgery; Chabad and Zionism; eating in someone’s house who doesn’t cover their hair; Chabad and Eruv; handling allegations of child abuse; having more children versus rising tuition costs; and more.


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