IT is absoluely amazing that  in our community we do not condemn the offenders.  Our rabbis preach teshuva  but yet when a man in their community  steals money from them they scream lock him up.

In monsey  a young man died on a shabbos  while at a drinking -aaron lankry ( who hasn’t met a woman who is attractive that he doesn’t like and the rabbi YY Jacobson who left crown heights and his shul because   he thought   he was the next manis friedman and would make more money  by having speaking engagements.  IN monsey  Chiam leibish shul    has women come to hear havdala because  the husbands are already on the way to atlantic city.

It means nothing to  these people to buy steal and defraud the government  in order to further their  crooked agenda.

Much  will be written in the coming months about   Shiner  and his gang  and the  nursing home crowd and how they  constantly claim to be squeaky clean  but they defraud the people.     once can only hope that the feds will look closely at these people and get back money like they did with avi klien  in  miami.       10 million dollar fine   and it was only the tip of the iceberg  .  Frumfraud would like to wish avi well with his aliya to israel.