beis rivka in crown heights still striking fundraiser pinson hasn’t covered his own salary

Girls Join Older Sisters in School Amid Strike

Being that the younger grades of Bais Rivkah are currently undergoing a teachers’ strike, the students of Bais Rivkah’s older grades brought their little sisters with them to school today, giving their mothers a much-needed break to prepare for Shabbos

from a parent :
we have information that claims that the pledges promised by donors that some of whom were named in an earlier post have not been delivered and the money spent in hiring a fundraiser moshe pinson has not delivered and has been a drain on the schools budget

we need the school to pay teachers before any other staff member and fundraisers

coming soon
a conversation where a parent tells us they pay people directly in the office privately so they earn their salary without it going into system ( how is this allowed )

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