Amrom Mendlovitz Pleads Guilty to 5 Child Molesting Felonies

scales of justice and childAmrom LebMendlovitz pled guilty to 5 felony counts of child sex abuse on July 13, 2017. He was born in 1993 and is 23 or 24 years old. Mendlovitz was arrested on June 24, 2015 (84th command, citation #K15647378) for crimes committed in 2013. The arrest was reported at the time in the Failed Messiah blog a copy of which can now be found in “The List” of offenders at Protect Jewish Kids website.

Under the plea deal, Mendlovitz is not being sentenced for the most serious charge, “A course of sexual conduct with a child.” That charge involves acts over an extended period of time. Instead he is being sentenced for 5 counts of attempting a course of sexual conduct which are E Felonies, not D felonies. This allows for much shorter sentences and parole.

The terms of the plea deal are not public at this time. It is not clear if there will be parole or sex offender registry. In all likelihood, we will not find out the sentence deal until the the actual court date and even then, only if  an advocate or reporter is able to be in the court room or willing to pursue the written records in the court house.

The Brooklyn DA, Eric Gonzalez loves publicizing his crime busting as part of his campaign to get another term in office. But when it comes to Haredi sex offenders he speaks בקול דממה דקה

Stacey Richman, Nechemya WebermanMendlovitz’s attorney is Richman according to the records. I am guessing that would be Stacey Richman who cut her teeth as co-counsel defending Nechemya Weberman in 2012. The ADA is B. Brodzinski.

Sentencing is scheduled for Tuesday, August 8, in front of Judge M. D’emic in Kings County Supreme Court, 320 Jay, 11201.

If you have information about him such as where he hangs out and what he looks like, please share it with me so we can publicize it to alert others at risk of harm by him.

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