Aguda head lost major money with platinum – werdiger lost millions

shlomo werdiger the man who runs aguda as its national head lost millions of his personal fortune with Platinum

What is not discussed is how much of Aguda endowment was lost and how much money werdigers cronies put it

who authorized charity funds to invest and who suffers when they lose the funds

2 Replies to “Aguda head lost major money with platinum – werdiger lost millions”

  1. i love what your doing can you please focus more on the pinson and malamud family they are the a disgrace to crown heights
    Also please let the people know about malamud and his planes

  2. wondering who will write about werdigers wife who killed a delivery guy with her car
    was supposed to be prosecuted but family was paid millions and settled out of court
    can you find out the real story

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