what the victims of pervert rabbis need to do

Angry Father Posts `Child Molester Warning` Sign After Police Refuse to Arrest Man
Tribune 2 hours 57 minutes ago

After an Arkansas father found out his 16-year-old daughter was in a sexual relationship with a 21-year-old man but there was nothing law enforcement officers could do, he posted a sign on his property that is getting a lot of attention.

agudath israel and shloime werdiger fail jewish children again

Yom Tefilla Announced To Fight Technology; Silence Still Deafening On Sexual Abuse 

Yom Tefilla Announced To Fight Technology; Silence Still Deafening On Sexual Abuse

Apparently, the Moetzes Gedolei Yisrael of Israel have called for a “Day of Tefilos” to raise awareness about the spiritual problems technology posed by technology. As a community, we’ve become accustomed to these mass displays of piety, and international calls for prayer in hopes of inspiring a generation, and perhaps some divine assistance, to rid itself from the potential stumbling blocks in the way of spiritual purity, and connection to God. From asifos against the Internet in Citi Field, to international days of prayer, the Charedi world is awash in the mass organization of truly astounding feats of community organizing. One imagines that this kind of response could only be triggered by something perceived as an existential thread to the international charedi community. That is, after all, how they perceive modern technologies like smartphones and the ubiquity of the Internet: as an evil ploy of the Evil Inclination, whose only interest is in making sinning easier than its ever been before.

But what of the other existential threats that plague our communities? What of the rampant sexual abuse that is enabled by polices like those of Agudath Israel of America, which enable abuse and protect abusers, by mandating that victims of abuse and their families go to rabbis rather than law enforcement when they are abused? Surely this is as much an existential crisis as any other. Surely, with the number of people who eventually leave Orthodoxy, going “off the derech,” as a result of abuse they’ve suffered at the hands of a seemingly indifferent community, something must be done!

Apparently not.

You know, it’s interesting. Back when ZAAKAH first proposed protesting the Internet Asifa at city field, I was opposed to the idea. I didn’t see the issues as mutually exclusive. I felt, at the time, that there was enough space on the moral landscape of our collective conscience for two issues to exist simultaneously. One can easily perceive the Internet as being a spiritual threat in need of eradicating, while also acknowledging that child sexual abuse is a horrific violation of our most vulnerable people, and committing to stand against abusers and their enablers. I didn’t attend the protest outside the asifa. I argued with one of the organizers, and tried to convince him to cancel it. I had such faith in my community’s ability to treat both issues with the attention each deserved.

But it’s 5 years later, and we’ve had no asifa for victims of child sexual abuse. We’ve had no serious commitments by Agudah, and other major Charedi organizations and leaders to stand behind victims instead of abuses. We’ve seen no change in the policy that dictates that victims go to law enforcement rather than rabbis. Agudah continues to pour money into prevention, but still does nothing to ensure that abusers are prosecuted, and victims see justice. They spend all their time trying to make sure abuse doesn’t happen in yeshivos, while doing nothing to protect the majority of victims who are abused in their homes or by people they know.

They continue to attack those of us who speak up against them, while partnering with organizations like the Catholic Church to oppose legislation that would eliminate the statute of limitations for child sexual abuse. Their excuse? That it would be cripplingly expensive to allow themselves to be open to that kind of liability, and that it’s more important for yeshivos to stay open than for victims of those yeshivos to get any justice.

And now we’re having an international day of tefillah to fight smartphones and Internet. It’s nice to see that the Moetzes Gedolei Yisrael of Israel have their priorities in order.

Moshe Malamud banned from father’s businesses

after creating massive losses   in his failed ventures   Moshe Malamud   has been removed from his family business


it appears and is alleged that since his franklin mint venture and lawsuits and his failed partnership with  moshe chopp and solly chopp in the airplane business  he is looking for partners for various deals

consider yourselves warned

Maybe moshe pinson will bail him out with his fundraising for beis rivka

or maybe the kabbalist/pope visitor will  pinson  will save him


Coming soon  The Pinson/Malamud family  frauds

Lazer Scheiner pays off Bogomilsky and Jacobson no condemnation on pope visit

a comment from crown heights info

this is the same lazer scheiner who had a man die  in his mancave  on a friday night      and covered ups police investigation


where are the feds



102.Ozer Dalim wrote:

This was just another Lazer Scheiner event The same guy same reason your husbands abandon you and your children for Rosh Hashona. The same reason your husband comes home drunk from shul. The same reason your Husband and your sons go o. Unnecessary dangerous excursions all courtesy of Lazer Scheiner and his enabler Teddy Lichschein / Pinson said the band a Sefira music were spontaneous . The pumpedessa band was not hanging out that day at the Vatican the pumpedessa band was not hanging out in Rome or Italy Or at the airport I
They were shipped in courtesy of Lazer Scheiner to play his calling. Are song at the Vatican and on Sefira. This happy go lucky guy will get his slaps on the back another -5 days of fame and You all who suck up to him will keep encouraging him Bogomilsky and his merry band of apostles

Where is YY jacobson on the visit to POPE

many are asking    why YY  Jacobson  who claims to know what the rebbe said  with his phenomenal memory  has been silent  about the rebbes words about the pope


Could it be   that he doesn’t want to bite the hand that feeds him and his family ( louis scheiner)   who   has nursing homes with terrible fraud and care for their residents


YY   why are you in hiding


Pinson begs chabad take me back

the fraud rabbi    pinson who is a fraud kabbalist ,thought he would   have no issues with chabad lubavitch after he apologized.    In a normal organization   he would   banned for life but since Pinson is tied into Malamud and  Deitch  and other connected chased families and are pushing every angle to have this fraud reinstated.


Pinson who sang with the pope and listened to music during the sefirah   makes no mention that his trip was paid for by louis shiner and he has been paid a lot of money and cash  gifts by this man

So the question begs asking    who is Pinson Master   chased or schiener





Rabbi Accused of Raping His Student Continues As the Principal of the School


A rabbi accused of repeatedly raping and molesting a teenage boy has been ordered to testify at a civil trial after invoking his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination during a deposition.
Jury selection for Rabbi Daniel Greer’s trial in federal court in Hartford is scheduled to start Wednesday. Jurors could begin hearing evidence later in the day or Thursday.
Greer, 76, remains the principal at the Yeshiva of New Haven school. A former student at the Jewish boarding school, Eliyahu “Eli” Mirlis, now 29, is suing Greer and the school on allegations of sexual assault, infliction of emotional distress and other claims.
Mirlis, who attended the school from 2001 to 2005, also alleges in the lawsuit that Greer sexually abused at least one other male student. The Associated Press generally does not name people who allege sexual assault, but Mirlis wanted to come forward, his lawyer said.
Greer has denied the allegations and has not been criminally charged. New Haven police say they’re looking into a sexual assault complaint filed by Mirlis’ lawyer, Antonio Ponvert III.
Greer and his lawyers, David Grudberg and William Ward, did not return phone and email messages seeking comment.
According to court documents, Greer invoked his right against self-incrimination at a deposition last year. His lawyers asked a judge to bar Mirlis from calling Greer to the witness stand, but the request was denied.
“Parading Mr. Greer before the jury to repeatedly invoke the Fifth Amendment privilege will only serve to paint him as ‘a criminal who has probably eluded justice’ in the eyes of the finders of fact, which will cause significant and irreparable prejudice in this case,” Grudberg and Ward wrote in a motion filed last month, adding that Greer also would invoke his Fifth Amendment right if called to testify.
Although Judge Michael P. Shea denied the request this month, he said Greer’s lawyers could object to specific questions to prevent Greer from having to repeatedly take the Fifth on the stand.
Ward has questioned why Mirlis came forward with the allegations years later and did not take the matter before a rabbinical arbitration court. He said the allegations have damaged Greer, his family and the good reputation he spent years building in the community.
Greer is a graduate of Princeton and Yale Law School who has testified before the state legislature several times on a variety of issues, including opposing same-sex unions in 2002 before the state approved same-sex marriage. He also is a former member of the New Haven police commissioners’ board and a past chairman of the New Haven Redevelopment Agency.
He also led efforts to improve New Haven’s Edgewood neighborhood.
Greer’s daughter was among a group of Orthodox Jewish students who sued Yale University in the late 1990s, claiming the school’s requirement that they live in coed dorms violated their constitutional rights. A federal judge disagreed and dismissed the lawsuit.

Chabad Rabbi, DovBer Pinson, Describes Time with Pope as “Trapped,” Issues Letter of Apology for Meeting; Directory Entry Not Restored

Chabad rabbi, DovBer Pinson, who recently met with Pope Francis, was DovBer-Pinsonwidely criticized for the meeting by Lubavitch adherents worldwide. His meeting with the Pope, according to many, was a direct violation of instructions left by their Rebbe, Menachem Mendel Schneerson who died in 1994. His offense was so great that (following the outcry) it triggered the removal of his name from the official Chabad directory. However, Chabad has offered no official reason for the removal.

In response to the chaos the a meeting (intended to inspire unity among different religions) has caused, Rabbi Pinson has issued a statement on his Facebook page. In it, he describes his time spent singing and dancing with the Pope as being “trapped.”


Dear friends and students, I feel the need to clarify the context left out from the video which is now having viral reception, unfortunately clouding the important mission I was there to accomplish.

In my very private audience with the pope, conducted in his private office (not in the church), we discussed the ideas of pure monotheism, hoping to increase the awareness of Oneness of G-d among all humankind as a true and only Source of all life, thus ensuring that there is no need to proselytize chas v’sholom to Jews. The conversation was fruitful. I had stipulated that there were to be no cameras and no press at all, and until the meeting ended, this was kept.

Leaving the private audience I came into the larger room and saw the group waiting there. Some of them were part of our official group, but a few of them were not supposed to be there, and had managed to “get in.”

The singing and music commenced spontaneously without my foreknowledge or consent. I found myself trapped between a duty to not make a chilul Hashem in the moment, and the spontaneous outburst of the group. Not wanting to offend created the wrongful impression that I was condoning this behavior. (You will notice in the video that I was able to stop the singing and music as soon as it was possible).

It is my deep regret that this video was released at all, (which was accidental) and that the visit was portrayed in such a way.

In truth, the actual meeting was a kiddush shem shamayim, and will be a benefit for all Jews around the world with Hashem’s help, as it was intended to be.

With apologies for the misunderstanding and misrepresentation.

With blessings,
Rav DovBer Pinson

Courtesy Chaffraud

Rabbi Y Y Jacobson refuses to condem Fraud Rabbi Pinson about visit to Pope

Informed sources say that Rabbi Jacobson since he is paid by Louis shiner another frum fraudster who the Feds must investigate won’t condemn the fake rabbi Pinson because he doesn’t want to bite the hands that feeds him. We have received so much material on the fake rabbi Pinson that we will be devoting all of next week to discuss the link between the fraudsters moshe Malamud , Moshe Pinson, Louis schiener and the scams and fraud that we are receiving information on

This fake rabbi Pinson has been removed from Chabad rabbi list by the head organizations and now is claiming he didn’t realize there would be any music or publicity
This is truly a lie because our sources tell us that he knew full well that Louis Schiener and Gluck would be publicizing this.

We have fake news and fake rabbi’s

Moshe Pinson is a fraud Kabbalist and a fraud rabbi

Please see crownheightsinfo.com for more info



Marlboro Rabbi Arrested for Alleged 2012 Sexual Assault of 12 Year-old Boy

New Jersey Jewish News has a report on a rabbi, Menachem Chinn, MenachemChinnwho is being held in the Mercer County Correctional Center for an alleged sexual assault of a 12-year-old boy in 2012.  Chinn, a teacher at Shalom Torah Academy, was also director of the Twin Rivers chapter of the National Council of Synagogue Youth (NCSY).  NCSY acted promptly and placed Chinn on immediate leave pending the results of the investigation.

NCSY, the youth movement affiliated with the Orthodox Union, immediately placed Chinn on leave pending the results of the investigation. An NCSY New Jersey website that had listed him as “Twin Rivers Director” was taken down some days later. In a statement released shortly thereafter, NCSY wrote that it was “shocked” to learn of the arrest.

“The safety and well-being of NCSY participants is the organization’s utmost priority at all times,” according to the statement. “NCSY has zero tolerance whatsoever for improper or illegal behavior. Toward that end, NCSY maintains robust policies and procedures for its entire staff, including appropriate behavioral standards, criminal background checks, and an ombudsmen hotline that is checked multiple times daily, and extensive staff training. Any and all complaints are thoroughly investigated by seasoned professionals, who at all times are prepared to refer matters to the criminal justice system.”

Chinn had been affiliated with NCSY for 15 years, during which time the organization said it had not been made aware of any complaints about his conduct.

According to Asbury Park Press Chinn, 40, is facing two counts each of sexual assault and endangering the welfare of a child.

TRENTON – An East Windsor rabbi who formerly taught at a Marlboro religious school is facing charges of sexually assaulting and endangering two minors.

Menachem A. Chinn, 40, of East Windsor is facing two counts each of sexual assault and endangering the welfare of a child, the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office and East Windsor Township Police Department announced Wednesday. All charges are based out of East Windsor.

Chinn formerly taught at Shalom Torah Academy in Marlboro, which maintains a tuition and donation office in Lakewood. Chinn also taught at the academy’s East Windsor location before it closed, according to Mercer County officials.

East Windsor police first charged Chinn on April 20 for one count each of assault and endangerment after a joint investigation with the county prosecutor’s Special Victim’s Unit, according to an April 21 announcement.

“It is alleged that during one occasion in 2012, when the male victim was 12 years old and at Chinn’s residence, Chinn touched the victim inappropriately,” according to that announcement.

Thirteen days later, Mercer County Prosecutor Angelo J. Onofri and East Windsor police Chief James A. Geary announced the second set of charges. “Onofri stated that following media reports of Chinn’s arrest, a second victim reached out to law enforcement,” according to that announcement.

“The victim, who is now an adult, stated that Chinn had inappropriate sexual contact with him at Chinn’s residence numerous times between July 2010 and May 2011,” according to the May 3 announcement.