Overview – Fred (The Rabbi) Todd, conspired with Eli Weinstein, Alex Schleider (plead guilty to Fraud)

Todd entered a plea agreement on 10/25/2013
Todd was sentenced on 1/21/2015 – Notably he was sentenced to 46 Months imprisonment plus ordered to pay $6,176,750 in restitution.
Todd surrendered to the BOP on 23rd May 2015
Todd was released to a halfway house in September 2016
Todd was released to home arrest from February 2017
Todd will be formally released on 07/11/2017
Todd has 3 years probation
To date, there has been no resolution paid to his victims nor has the federal government collected any money

Todds Incarceration:

When Todd is released on July 11th 2017 he would of spent a total 2 years, 1 month and 18 days (780 days in total) on a total sentence of 3 years 10 months (1400 days). At a full term sentence, Todd will of only completed 55% (about half) of the time that he was sentenced to by the Federal Courts. My understanding from research on the web is that an inmate can earn “good time” credit which could reduce their sentence by a MAXIMUM of 15%. Therefore, if Todd was to earn this credit, the minimum amount of time that he should spend incarcerated is 1,190 days, which is 410 days more than his current release date.





SO IF YOUR A CRIMINAL GET TO KNOW RABBI LIPSKAR  for the right price  get out of jail



Pinson and YY Jacobson get million dollar homes from Louis Schiener for standing by him

The fraud rabbi who visited the pope the fraud Kabbalist Pinson has received a free million dollar home in MONSEY  to soften the blow of being thrown out of Chabad Lubavitch and  removed from being a shlichus.

In fact there is a movement with respected rabbis to remove his ordination due to his  worshiping  the head of a church and singing  in front of him

Now  Pinson and Jacobson can be  neighbors while they live off Louis Schiener

Pinson has been careful to not say that it was YY jacobson that authorized and gave the haskama for the popes visit

People in the know are saying that YY makes up many of his stories with embellishments and he believes what he said to Pinson is not an issue

Since Louis Schiener has been very busy selling of his nursing homes because of investigations and his other criminal activity .

We are finding out much more from an insider who Louis Schiener is confiding in that he has made career of skirting the Law and using synagogues and schools to clean things like money.  That is why he has been making souls and buying land to build      a new soul and yeshiva   .   It helps when you need to move cash

We are shocked that he has not apologized to the family of the boy that died in Louis Schieners mancave

As schiener divests himself from nursing homes he is buying property in manhattan and monsey

His problem is the feds know whats going on as one of his close friends has been singing for a while

TO UMAN we go next

YY jacobson refuses to clarify if he gave Fraud Rabbi Pinson the ok for Pope Visit

There is a lot going on in the world of Louis Sciener and YY Jacobson

for stutters YY refuses to condemn the visit or answer if he provided the cover for Pinson to visit the Pope

The main reason is that YY is paid by Louis Schiener .

Also since FF has posted regarding the connection between PINSON SCHIENER and Jacobson we have received over ten emails outlining the possible investigation into Schiener and his Business and the connection with all of them including Bogomilsky

we are checking this out and soon will be in a position to publish much more about the current investigation and the steps taken by schooner to shift the blame

RocKand county Supervisor found Guilty

New York town official convicted in landmark bond fraud case

By Brendan Pierson
ReutersMay 19, 2017

FILE PHOTO: Ramapo Supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence (C) speaks to members of the media along with Ramapo Chief of Police Peter Brower (R) and Detective Brad Weidel in Ramapo, New York May 6, 2010.
FILE PHOTO: Ramapo Supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence (C) speaks to members of the media along with Ramapo Chief of Police Peter Brower (R) and Detective Brad Weidel in Ramapo, New York May 6, 2010. REUTERS/Mike Segar
By Brendan Pierson

NEW YORK (Reuters) – An elected official of a New York City suburb was convicted on Friday of what authorities have called the first criminal securities charges brought over municipal bonds, a spokesman for federal prosecutors said.

Christopher St. Lawrence, the elected supervisor of Ramapo, New York, was convicted by jurors in federal court in White Plains, New York, of 20 counts including securities fraud, wire fraud and conspiracy. The charges stemmed from actions aimed at securing financing for a stadium in the town.

A lawyer for St. Lawrence could not immediately be reached for comment.

New York federal prosecutors charged St. Lawrence in April 2016 along with Aaron Troodler, former executive director of the town-owned Ramapo Local Development Corp. Prosecutors said the two men defrauded investors who helped finance a controversial minor league baseball stadium.

Troodler pleaded guilty in March under an agreement with prosecutors and testified against St. Lawrence at the trial.

The case followed U.S. regulators’ push in recent years to bring civil actions against those accused of misconduct in the $3.7 trillion U.S. municipal bond market.

Prosecutors said Ramapo and the development corporation sold more than $150 million of bonds while Troodler and St. Lawrence concealed the town’s deteriorating finances.

The town’s financial woes were largely due to a $58 million minor league ballpark project, prosecutors said. The park is home to the Rockland Boulders.

Ramapo residents rejected a plan to guarantee bonds used to finance the park in a 2010 referendum, and St. Lawrence told residents that no public money would be used to pay for the project. But Ramapo ended up paying more than half the cost, according to prosecutors.

St. Lawrence and Troodler falsified the town’s finances to help sell the bonds, including by putting millions in fake receivables on its books, prosecutors said.

St. Lawrence is also facing civil claims by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

In May 2016, after the charges were filed, Moody’s Investors Service downgraded the town’s outstanding bonds two notches to A3, still in the investment grade category. In February, Moody’s withdrew its rating altogether because the town did not file audited financial statements.

The town, which is 28 miles northwest of New York City and had 126,595 residents as of the 2010 census, has said it significantly reduced its debt and cut its exposure to the development corporation by 62 percent as of Dec. 31.

lakewood rabbis on board use position to only help their own

BREAKING VIDEO & PHOTOS: Lakewood High School students take to the streets in protest over teacher job cuts

BREAKING VIDEO & PHOTOS: Lakewood High School students take to the streets in protest over teacher job cuts

MAY 12 2017 12:23 PM
Hundreds of students from the Lakewood High School this afternoon took to the streets to protest the recent job cuts to approximately 140 staff members – including teachers.

Some holding signs, the students peacefully marched from the Lakewood High School building around 12:15 PM, chanting along the way.

The students made their way to the football field on Ridge Avenue, and then back around to the school. The entire protest lasted about 45 minutes.

As earlier reported, the District is waiting to hear a response from the State regarding a letter requesting a $10,000,000 loan to help the District emerge from an approximately $15,000,000 deficit.

chafraud –hattip

we are also finding out that the trust fund of lakewood yeshiva fedora controlled by the cutler family has 100’s of millions but they want a crisis so people donate to the KOtler family

pervert rabbi greer loses in court

Man gets $15M in suit against prominent rabbi accused of rape
By Associated Press May 19, 2017 | 3:58am
Modal Trigger Man gets $15M in suit against prominent rabbi accused of rape
Rabbi Daniel Greer AP

Pervy pastor sentenced to prison in child molestation case

Pervert ex-cop gets 28 years for orchestrating child molestation

Pastor who called nightclub shooting victims ‘sinners’ found guilty of child molestation

Illegal immigrant charged with molesting girl at daycare
HARTFORD, Conn. — A federal jury on Thursday awarded $15 million to a New Jersey man who accused a prominent Connecticut rabbi of repeatedly raping and molesting him when he was a teenager.

Rabbi Daniel Greer and his Yeshiva of New Haven were ordered Thursday to pay the compensatory damages to Eliyahu Mirlis. Mirlis alleged in a lawsuit that Greer sexually abused him for three years while he was a student at the Jewish boarding school from 2001 to 2005.

Greer was the school’s principal. He has denied the allegations and has not been criminally charged.

The Associated Press generally doesn’t name people who say they were sexually abused, but Mirlis’ attorney said he wanted to come forward.

“My client came forward showing great courage to right a wrong and to protect other children,” said the lawyer, Antonio Ponvert III, in a statement. “Child abuse in all its forms must end and this is a step in that process.”

The alleged assaults occurred in various locations including on school property and Greer’s home, the lawsuit alleged.

Greer’s attorney, William Ward, said Thursday he and his client were “extremely disappointed” with the judgment and would appeal.

Under state law, the plaintiff also is entitled to one-third of the verdict in punitive damages, which would be $5 million in this case, the New Haven Register reported.

Greer has testified before the state legislature several times on a variety of issues, including opposing same-sex unions in 2002 before the state approved same-sex marriage. He also is a former member of the New Haven police commissioners’ board and a past chairman of the New Haven Redevelopment Agency.

why is this man allowed in synagogues – Rabbi Israel Bodkins

this man is visiting the elderly now and trying to fundraise
we have been receiving many emails about this man and believe that he is a danger to the community at large

Case of Rabbi Yisroel Bodkins
Case of Rabbi Yisroel Bodkins
(AKA: Steven Scott Bodkins, Steve Bodkins,
Steven S. Bodkins, Yisroel Z. Bodkins)

Formerly known as the Case of the Unnamed Rabbi At Camp Dora Golding

Rabbi – Yeshiva Elementary, Miami Beach, FL
Nature and Pioneering Director – Camp Dora Golding, East Stroudsburg, PA
Rabbi – Brauser Maimonides Academy – Fort Lauderdale, FL
Elementary School Teacher – Chinuch, St. Louis, MO
Former Student – Mercaz HaTorah, Talpiot, Jerusalem, Israel
San Jose, CA
Palo Alto, CA

Allegations have been made that Rabbi Yisroel Bodkins has been molesting four boys for over twenty years.

November 14, 2011 –– An investigation was conducted by the Pennsylvania State Police into allegations of child sexual abuse at Camp Dora Golding. There were three separate incident reports made. Child Protective Services was called in and felt there was enough evidence to indicate that a sex crime had occurred and named Rabbi Yisroel Bodkins as the alleged perpetrator.

November 17, 2013 –– A mother of an alleged Survivor of Rabbi Yisroel Bodkins wrote a letter to Rabbi Ronnie Greenwald sharing that nearly twenty years ago when her son was in elementary school, he was also sexually assaulted. At the time she naively believed that the rabbonim would take are of the situation appropriately. Since that time since the child never received appropriate help from a legitimate rape crisis center, the alleged victim has walked away from the observant world.

Rabbi Ronnie Greenwald has a long history of allegedly mishandling cases of child sexual abuse and is considered to be an alleged enabler of sex offenders.

Just as in several other cases within the Torah observant world, fundraising efforts have occurred to assist the alleged offender to help reduce the cost of his or her legal defense, yet no fund has been established to assist the alleged survivors in this case.

If you or anyone you know were sexually abused by Rabbi Yisroel Bodkins, and are unsure if you should make a police report, contact jewish community watch