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which rabbi from chabad in nj is no longer a shliach
and which rabbi slept with a siL and resulted in his wife running his chabad house


before rabbi person deals with this issue  that he refuses to deal with

hint maybe the same person

Alchoholics anonymous and Sex Addicts anonymous get new 20 million dollar buillding

$20M Addition to Bal Harbour Shul

Bursting at the seams, The Shul of Bal Harbour will get a 55,000 square foot $20 million addition to the building.
By Karen Schwartz –

Devorah Leah Andrusier remembers moving to Bal Harbour, Fla., as a teenager when her parents became Chabad-Lubavitch emissaries there. Back then, in the late 1970s and early 1980s, thousands of Jewish seniors, snowbirds and retirees had permanent and second homes in Miami Beach, but Jewish life was virtually nonexistent in the barrier island’s northern tip, which at the time restricted sales to Jews, among other ethnicities. She and her little brother were the youngest residents by 60 or 70 years.

Today, the neighborhood is replete with Jewish families, life and amenities, much of it revolving around The Shul of Bal Harbour, the community center that her parents, Rabbi Sholom and Chani Lipskar, founded in 1981. It has been at its current site at 9540 Collins Ave. in neighboring Surfside, Fla., since 1987, sandwiched between a shopping plaza with Jewish stores and kosher restaurants, and the endless row of condominiums on Collins Avenue along the Atlantic Ocean.  (chani has made millions selling real estate and worked with convicted fraudster eli weinstein resulting in many losing  a lot of money )

Andrusier serves as youth oversight and social-events coordinator for The Shul, (not qualified but can you say nepotism ) which is bursting at the seams. Youth programs see 150 to 180 children on Shabbat alone. (as their parents are usually to messed up to watch their kids )

Exponential growth—membership exceeds 700 families—has led the community to pursue a $20 million addition to the building. “Right now, in every nook and cranny, there are kids involved in programs,” she says. “Space is a real necessity. We’ll not only be better able to accommodate the children we have, but also bring in families not yet connected.”

This growth represents a continuation of the dramatic impact of Chabad-Lubavitch on Jewish life in South Florida as a whole, as demonstrated in the2014 Greater Miami Jewish Federation Population Study: A Portrait of the Miami Jewish Community.

Youth programming, from tots to teens, will move to the new section. The added space will allow the synagogue’s preschool, now at capacity with 120 students, to double in size. A social lounge for teens will offer space to study and socialize—important in a warm-weather locale, where young people are out and about all year long. And 12 classrooms will be designated for youth-oriented programs.

Add to that a women’s lounge, men’s club and rooftop terrace.

Construction will add 55,000 square feet to the building and upgrade its current 70,000 square feet of space, according to Rabbi Lipskar, founder and director of The Shul. The project should take about two years to complete, he tells Work is expected to begin in the next few weeks.

One of the most complicated architectural elements is the new social hall, a 40-foot glass cube that can hold as many as 700 people. (The current hall seats 250 people.) With the addition of a second social hall, two major events can take place simultaneously. A brand-new commercial kitchen will be built for kosher-food preparation and catering needs.

Video: Plans for the Shul of Bal Harbour

Lipskar notes that it took time and engineering to figure out the best way to construct the new space, especially the glass-walled configuration, given the frequency of hurricanes in Florida. But the permits have been approved, he says, and “everything’s ready to go.” Programs will go on as usual, he adds; the original facility won’t be touched until the new portion is done.

With security in mind, the Chabad center was also selected to have a concealed-weapons detection system installed in the building, developed by Patriot One Technologies, Inc., in addition to other high-tech security features.

frumfraud rant number two

which rabbi in south florida protected molesters and accused molesters yet gets thousands for speaking  engagements

which aguda presidents son was caught at strip clubs and yet goes to all aguda functions and sits with his father

which rabbis on the moetzes in new york went to college but now says it is trief

which man sold trief meat in monsey and gives a dad yoni in israel and got remarried

which partner of moshe malamud with planes loves massages

RABBI BUTMAN and his son

Jewish leader’s son is a ‘deadbeat dad’ who refuses to pay child support
By Emily Saul April 2, 2017 | 10:10pm
Modal Trigger Jewish leader’s son is a ‘deadbeat dad’ who refuses to pay child support
Velvel Butman
The son of the head of the city’s powerful Chabad Jewish organization is an unemployed deadbeat dad who refuses to give his wife a divorce or pay child support, court papers reveal.

Velvel Butman — whose father, Shmuel Butman, lights the giant menorah in Manhattan’s Grand Army Plaza, Times Square each year during Hanukkah — has been battling the court, and his own community, since he first refused to give his long-suffering wife a divorce five years ago, documents and sources say.

Velvel, a 49-year-old dad of eight, once worked for his father as an emissary of the Hasidic movement in Westchester County.

But Velvel was booted as a rabbi after a rabbinic court of Chabad Lubavitch ordered him to give his wife a Jewish divorce, called a get, and he refused.

“He strongly believes that a rabbi’s not supposed to get divorced. Yet he’s no longer technically a rabbi because he’s been defrocked,” said a rabbi who feared reprisal if his name were published.

A Brooklyn judge last week held Velvel in contempt for failing since 2013 to pay child support for his children. Six of them still live with his estranged wife, Rachel, who treks from their home in Crown Heights to her job at a day-care facility in Westchester to pay the bills.

Velvel has been on the hook for $2,000 a month in child support for the past four years but has paid only the first two months, court documents show.

Yet instead of working, he has been gallivanting to Israel and Uzbekistan, allegedly telling the court at one point, “I would have needed to get permission from a rabbinic panel if someone of my stature should be seen [working] in a Starbucks.’’

His father, Shmuel Butman, 73, heads New York’s Chabad Lubavitch.

The judge said Velvel has 60 days to pay $78,400 or he’ll be thrown in jail.

His wife is so desperate to be free of him that she even offered to forgive the child-support debt if he would just sign the divorce papers, sources said.

“[Velvel] has publicly stated that he would rather sit in jail than give his wife the money, and would rather sit in jail than give his wife the get,’’ a rabbinical source said.

Velvel lives with his 73-year-old dad.

“[Shmuel] is supporting his son financially, while his son claims that, given his father’s status, it is below his dignity to work here or there,” the source said.

But Rabbi Butman insisted on Sunday that his son has done no wrong.

“I’m his father, and he’s going to pay,” Shmuel Butman said, though he declined to say whether he would be footing the bill.

Velvel did not return a message. His lawyer declined comment.

Rachel Butman’s lawyer, Joel Yacoob, also declined to comment.

Additional reporting by C.J. Sullivan

Rabbi Osher Eisemann allegedly misappropriated over $630,000 in public tuition funds.

From Asbury Park Press:
AG: Lakewood rabbi stole more than $630,000 from special-needs education fund

Rabbi Osher Eisemann
Rabbi Osher Eisemann allegedly misappropriated over $630,000 in public tuition funds.

LAKEWOOD – The founder of a special-needs school, which takes in tens of millions of tax dollars a year from the struggling public schools here, was indicted Wednesday on charges he stole more than $630,000 in public funds and then used the school’s fundraising foundation to launder much of the money, the state attorney general said.

Rabbi Osher Eisemann, 60, of Lakewood, who is the founder and director of the School for Children with Hidden Intelligence, better known as SCHI (pronounced “shy”), was charged by a state grand jury with: Theft by unlawful taking; misapplication of government property; misconduct by a corporate official; and money laundering — all second-degree offenses that carry up to 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $150,000, state Attorney General Christopher Porrino said in a statement.

The school’s fundraising foundation, the non-profit Services for Hidden Intelligence, LLC, was also named in the indictment under the same charges. The school itself was not charged in the indictment.

During the course of the investigation, Porrino said authorities from the Division of Criminal Justice discovered the school provided money to the fundraising foundation, instead of the other way around, and that Eisemann allegedly used the foundation’s bank accounts to fund ventures that had no connections to the school.

SCHI receives around $1.8 million each month from the Lakewood School District and surrounding public school districts that send students to be educated at SCHI, Porrino said.

The school provides educational services for the “medically fragile, and socially-emotionally challenged children,” according to its website.

Lakewood is one of the most unusual public school districts in the country. This fast-growing, low-income township of nearly 100,000 residents is dominated by Orthodox Jewish families who send an estimated 30,000 children to private religious schools. Under the law, the public schools pay to bus the children to the private schools, which costs more than $20 million a year. The public schools, meanwhile, have about 5,000 students and are facing a fiscal crisis this year with a $14.7 million shortfall. Administrators said they may have to lay off 119 teachers to balance the budget.

Among the costs affecting the budget is the growing tuition for students sent to SCHI.

Although the tuition money for SCHI is expected to “be used strictly for operating expenses of school,” Porrino said Eisemann allegedly used the fundraising foundation to take out around $430,000 to invest in a business associate’s now-defunct clothing line, called TAZ Apparel, LLC, which was based in Highland Park. No one associated with TAZ could be reached for comment.


Man, 59, busted for trying to lure Jewish boys to his NYC home

Police have arrested a man they say tried to lure young, at least two, Jewish boys to his Borough Park apartment by putting notes with his phone number in their tefillin bags.

Menachem Tyk, 59, allegedly put the notes into the bags used to keep the small Scripture-filled boxes which observant Jews wrap around their arm and perch on their forehead during morning prayers.

“Call me, it’s important,” one note read, according to a police source.

When 13-year-old boy called, the person who picked up asked, “do you touch yourself?”

Ex-Brooklyn DA sued for targeting sex accuser instead of perv
He asked another alleged 14-year-old victim to “pet him everywhere,” the police source said.

An adult in the community got wind of the missives, and called the number, pretending to be a young kid, according to a source.

“You wouldn’t believe what this guy said,” said the source, who heard a recording of the call. “He was trying get the boy to come back to his apartment for all these sex things.”

Tyk was being arraigned on charges of reckless endangerment and harassment Thursday night. He was unavailable to comment at press time.

Perv gropes woman and then gets busted for shoplifting
Neighbors said he lived alone, and kept to himself.

“I would never believe he was a child molester,” said neighbor Zissy Twersky. “He talks to all the boys in the building. But nothing more than a friendly hello.”

Menachem Tyk, 59, was arrested after trying to lure young boys to his apartment in Borough Park, Brooklyn.