gutnick claims wife is owed 33 million

‘Diamond’ Joe Gutnick’s wife paid $285,000 to work ‘a few hours a day’

Mark Hawthorne
Mark Hawthorne


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A company linked to bankrupt mining magnate “Diamond” Joe Gutnick is paying his wife, Stera Gutnick, $285,000 a year to work “a few hours a day” as a trainee jewellery designer, while her husband earns just $45,000 a year to work full time.

Details of the remarkable pay arrangement came to light during Federal Court examination by Joseph Gutnick’s bankruptcy trustees on Monday.

Joe Gutnick’s statement of affairs shows he owes his creditors $275 million.
Joe Gutnick’s statement of affairs shows he owes his creditors $275 million. Photo: Nicolas Walker
Mr Gutnick was chairman and chief executive of Merlin Diamonds before his bankruptcy.

Mrs Gutnick told the court she reported to her husband, who worked longer hours in the company. She said her primary duties as a $285,000 a year executive were “studying jewellery design” and “accompanying my husband to events”.

Stera and Mordechai Gutnick were questioned at the Federal Court on Monday.
Stera and Mordechai Gutnick were questioned at the Federal Court on Monday. Photo: Jason South
Lawyers for the bankruptcy trustees contended that Joseph Gutnick was deliberately being paid a low salary in order to avoid having money taken from his wage.

Trustees can take money from a bankrupt’s salary once it reaches $65,000 per year.


Mr Gutnick’s son Mordechai “Mordi” Gutnick was also questioned under oath about his mother’s salary, which is exactly the same as he earns as a full-time executive director in the company.

“His income is being kept artificially low so he does not have to make income contributions,” said barrister Carl Moller.

Stera Gutnick at the Federal Court.
Stera Gutnick at the Federal Court. Photo: Jason South
“I don’t know,” responded Mordi Gutnick.

Asked if his mother’s salary was appropriate for the work she does, Mordi Gutnick said “um”, paused for a lengthy period, and sighed.

“She understands jewellery better than any of us,” he finally said.

Asked if his mother, who worked fewer hours and had no input into “operational matters”, deserved the same salary as him, Mordi Gutnick responded “it is what it is”.

Mr Gutnick’s bankruptcy trustees are chasing an estimated $200 million of assets that are believed to have moved offshore to parties associated with Joseph Gutnick and his family.

Mrs Gutnick told the Federal Court she could not explain how she came to be owed $33.5 million by her husband.

Mrs Gutnick also admitted under oath she signed hundreds of documents for a web of companies and trusts without ever asking her husband or his lawyers what they were for.

“I trust my husband. The finances are up to him,” Mrs Gutnick told the court.

Mrs Gutnick was read a lengthy list of Gutnick family companies and trusts that she is either a company director, guardian or beneficiary of. She repeatedly told the court that she did not know what those companies did, and had little if no familiarity with their daily business.

As revealed by Fairfax Media last year, Mr Gutnick’s statement of affairs shows he owes his creditors $275 million, and has no other assets except for $16,087 in savings and a worthless portfolio of shareholdings.

Mr Gutnick declared himself bankrupt in July last year, ahead of a court hearing to hear a petition by his former business partner Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative (IFFCO), which was seeking to have him declared bankrupt over a $54 million debt.

Lawyers for the bankruptcy trustees challenged Mrs Gutnick, and suggested the shuffling of directorships and her taking on a $33.5 million debt were part of a “broader plan to protect Joseph against bankruptcy”‘.

While the loan to Mrs Gutnick dates back to July 2000, she claimed “I wasn’t aware of it then.”

Asked when she first became aware that her husband owed her $33.5 million, she replied: “I first knew of it in 2016.”

Asked who told her of the debt, she replied “Joseph did” and added “he told me it was a loan on paper and it doesn’t mean practically I was going to get it”.

beis rivka in crown heights still striking fundraiser pinson hasn’t covered his own salary

Girls Join Older Sisters in School Amid Strike

Being that the younger grades of Bais Rivkah are currently undergoing a teachers’ strike, the students of Bais Rivkah’s older grades brought their little sisters with them to school today, giving their mothers a much-needed break to prepare for Shabbos

from a parent :
we have information that claims that the pledges promised by donors that some of whom were named in an earlier post have not been delivered and the money spent in hiring a fundraiser moshe pinson has not delivered and has been a drain on the schools budget

we need the school to pay teachers before any other staff member and fundraisers

coming soon
a conversation where a parent tells us they pay people directly in the office privately so they earn their salary without it going into system ( how is this allowed )

beis rivka crown heights part 2 where has the money gone

Bais Rivkah Board Claims Authority Challenged

Breaking their silence for the first time since teachers in the primary division of Bais Rivkah in Crown Heights have gone on strike, the school’s board claims their legal authority was challenged, and have therefore stopped their activities.

30 Nissan, 5777

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Official Statement from the Board of Beth Rivkah

On September 11, 2016 we were voted onto the Board of Directors of Beth Rivkah and, among other responsibilities, assumed the responsibility to make sure that teachers would be paid in a timely fashion. On February 10 our legal authority was challenged by the administrators. In order to avoid a Chilul Hashem, etc., we worked to quietly resolve the issues at hand in order to be able to resume our activities and fulfillment of our obligations unhindered.

After many deadlines came and went in our effort to remove the obstacles, there are still some technical details that need to be finalized and it seems that we are finally close to resolution and it will be finalized within the next few days.

We, who are also parents of students and teachers, understand the urgency of the situation very well and are working diligently to see it resolved ASAP so that our precious daughters can resume classes and our dear teachers can be paid up what is owed to them and be secure in knowing that they can count on their salaries being paid in a timely fashion.

One of the priorities of the Board is to implement structural changes in the administration and financial office of the school in order to assure that, with G-d’s help, we never have to experience such a crisis ever again.

When classes resume, IYH, we will then invite all parents and teachers to a meeting where we will share our vision for the immediate and long term future and see how we can proceed together to make a Keili for the Rebbe’s brochos to help move Beth Rivkah mechayil el choyil.

Please bear with us.

The Board

Sources told that sometime during the night of February 9th, a number of board members went into the administration offices and changed the locks on the door of Laime Minkowicz’s office without his knowledge. When he arrived the following morning, the police were called and informed that the office was broken into and the locks changed without permission.

When it was discovered who was behind the changing of the locks, a letter was sent to the board informing them that they have no legal right to do what they did – thus challenging their authority.

Teachers say that they are still owed seven paychecks from the previous school-year, as well as an additional three from this year. Grades 1 to 3 have begun a strike before Pesach, which is ongoing, and a partial strike affecting grades 4 to 7 began yesterday.

FF    there are so many questions about what is going on    there.   In Crown heights there are at least  50 people worth ten million or more

where are the malamuds   drizins  kotlarsky krinsky  plotkin chein  gutnick  junik jacobson    and others  to deal with this crisis?????


Rabbi Greer Rape case info from LM

Why are Jewish Newspapers not Covering the Rabbi Greer Rape Case? YU – Where are you?

April 26, 2017 Uncategorized
Greer witness list

The Witness List – Rabbi Daniel Greer of Yeshiva of New Haven, Yeshiva University, A Cover-up?

LostMessiah, 26 April 2017

This is a developing story.

We were sent a copy of the witness list in the federal lawsuit against Rabbi Daniel Greer who, as you may remember, is accused of raping at least one Jewish student who attended Yeshiva of New Haven and the Gan School.

We note a few extraordinary things about that witness list that raise questions, which in our view point to a widespread conspiracy by many within Jewish community, Yeshiva University context and affiliated Jewish organizations to cover up the sexual assault of children by prominent Jewish rabbis.

We note the name of witness Rabbi, J. David Bleich, who sits on the Board of Yeshivah University, is an expert in Jewish ethics and is widely respected. While he was ultimately denied the authority to testify on procedural grounds, his willingness to potentially bare false witness on behalf of Greer raises questions. Why would Bleich testify? Is there anything he can say or think that could make this case okay? Why is Yeshiva University and why are other Jewish organizations and “ethics experts” not promoting justice on behalf of Greer’s victims and ostensibly others like them.

Is the Jewish rabbinical community any different than the Priesthood in this regard and why are the communities not doing something to help the children?

We note a Rabbi who made media attention after he found $200,000 in a desk drawer, also on that list. Is this a coincidence or is there money circulating the YU Rabbinical world paying off witnesses or paying for testimony?

We are posting the below article as the article’s author has gathered significant information and apparently uncovered numerous victims and a litany of unsavory indications that the Yeshiva community does not want this case adjudicated in favor of Greer, at any cost.

The article is dated April 24, 2017 and should serve as a backdrop.

We note that aside from Rabbi Greer’s name, the victims’ names – as commented to by the author – have been changed. DCF is the “Department of Child and Family Services.”

There is currently a litany of information on the Greer rape case available on Mr. Noodles’ site. There is also a history of the case which we will post in “FURTHER READING” below.

By way of this post, we implore upon the Jewish media community to follow and provide media attention of the case. We ask you to review the list of witnesses and ask yourselves if our contention of a widespread cover-up is worth exploring. We believe it is. We believe that there is still room for “Spotlight.”

how my son molested children and what happened in my home by Manis Friedman

there is a webinar that manis friedman is hosting today but he refuses to discuss his dysfunctional home where there are divorces and allegations of molestation by his son who claims he was molested by his sibling

when will lubavitch authorities deal with this matter

from col or ch info
Bad things

Join Rabbi Manis Friedman in this FREE webinar where he explains how to properly frame our problems and to understand why bad things seem to happen to good people.

The webinar will take place THIS Wednesday, April 26 at 8 pm.

If you can’t make the call, sign up anyway. Call will be recorded and sent out to those who register.

Enter your email below to register for the FREE webinar

Lakewood school gets 97 k a student and yet director indicted and no feds

Lakewood Schools – Religion Trumping Public Education – Where is the Outrage?

April 25, 2017 East Ramapo, Education, Fraud, Lakewood, Zoning Education, Lakewood, Ocean Township, Religion, Toms River

EDITORIAL: Where’s outrage over Lakewood?

When are the officials who are elected to represent all their constituents going to address the funding inequities and unequal treatment of the taxpayers and public schoolchildren in Lakewood? Where have state Sen. Bob Singer, Rep. Chris Smith, Gov. Chris Christie and U.S. Sens. Cory Booker and Bob Menendez been on this issue?

Absolutely nowhere. Thanks to the money and power of the Orthodox community, they have done nothing to address problems that could be easily resolved if they had the courage to speak up and the integrity to represent all of their constituencies equally.

Over the past couple of weeks, readers have been exposed to two more disturbing stories about Lakewood schools. The district faces a $15 million budget deficit, the possible layoffs of more than 100 teachers and deep program cuts. And the director of the School for Children with Hidden Intelligence (SCHI), Rabbi Osher Eisemann, was indicted on theft and money laundering charges involving more than $630,000 in public school funds.

It’s a disgrace — two more in the steady drip, drip of outrages that characterize a school district that has had to squeeze resources and programs to accommodate the ever-expanding needs of the Orthodox community’s private schools.

The sad part is that there is virtually nothing in the works in Trenton to correct any of it. Without vocal, organized pressure from the nonOrthodox community inside Lakewood and in the communities surrounding it, there is no reason to believe things won’t get progressively worse.

MORE: Jackson dorm ban: What the residents are saying

MORE: Letter: Lakewood’s problem isn’t anti-Semitism, it’s growth

Why should anyone who lives outside of Lakewood care? First, everyone should be outraged by the injustice that it is taking place in Lakewood’s predominantly minority public schools. Second, the population pressures in Lakewood could, over time, eventually spill over into neighboring towns — something public officials and growing numbers of residents in those town are becoming increasingly conscious of.

If Singer, Christie and other legislators with the ability to influence what goes on in Lakewood had an interest in righting the wrongs there, here are five things they could do that would help:

•The state school funding formula is a mess. But changes proposed by Christie’s “Fair Funding formula” would likely make matters worse. Those suggested by Democratic Senate President Steve Sweeney and Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli would be an improvement, but would not fundamentally address the unique circumstances confronting Lakewood — specifically, the fact that the busing costs to transport 30,000 Orthodox children to private schools and the extraordinary $97,000 per-pupil cost to educate special education students at SCHI in Lakewood absorb about 40 percent of the school district’s $90 million budget.

No other towns in New Jersey have similar public school budget stresses attributable to the prevalence of private schools within their boundaries. Lakewood is a special circumstance. It requires an aid formula that takes the special circumstances into account.

MORE: Lakewood yeshiva enrollment up 20 percent

MORE: Lakewood committee stands from on free trash pickup

•Offset the undue influence of the Orthodox community on the school board by requiring that a majority of its members have children in the public school system. Right now, the Orthodox members — all of whom send their children to private Orthodox schools — are in the majority, and decisions they make often are at odds with what is best for non-Orthodox public school students.

•Draft courtesy busing legislation that ends the practice in Lakewood of having separate bus runs to private schools for girls and boys, which dramatically increases the courtesy busing tab. Taxpayers should not have to foot the bill for segregated busing. The Legislature also should reconsider the cost benefit of any courtesy busing.

•Require that private schools be certified by the state in order to be eligible for state funding. Unless basic educational, facilities, health and safety standards are being met, the state should not be providing funding assistance.

•Establish specific criteria and spending caps for private special education schools such as SCHI, where the $97,000 per-student cost is far higher than similar private schools. What is the justification? The short answer: There is none. What SCHI says it needs to implement its program, SCHI gets, on the taxpayers’ dime. The indictment of the school’s director should provide extra incentive to make sure money is being spent wisely and for the stated purpose.

At the same time, the state must ensure that the students who are enrolled at SCHI are representative of the community as a whole. Historically, they have been almost exclusively Orthodox. The state needs to ensure that placements there by Lakewood’s child study teams are based entirely on need.

Some of the valid criticisms about the inequities in the school district have been wrongly directed toward state monitor Michael Azzara. There is only so much he can do. He is bound by existing rules and hamstrung by public officials who have shown no inclination to address the problems.

Editorials, letters to the editors and complaints at public meetings aren’t likely to change the trajectory in Lakewood. Putting direct pressure on lawmakers who can change the rules of the game and challenging in court some of the rules that allow the situation to persist offer the only hope for relief — and justice.

Write, email and phone Singer, Smith, Christie, Booker and Menendez, and demand action. Otherwise, expect more of the same — and worse.

riechberg who flies with hookers wants to go to meron – let him use moshe malamud m2jets can set it up for him

De Blasio donor accused of NYPD corruption wants judge to greenlight trip to Israel

Jeremy Reichberg wants the court to greenlight a trip to Israel from May 13 to May 22, according to a letter filed Monday.

Jeremy Reichberg wants the court to greenlight a trip to Israel from May 13 to May 22, according to a letter filed Monday.


A big Mayor de Blasio donor accused of keeping several NYPD “cops on call” wants a judge to loosen his bail terms — just so he can embark on a religious pilgrimage to Israel.Jeremy Reichberg, 43, allegedly helped heap some $100,000 in cash and goodies on retired Deputy Chief Michael Harrington and Deputy Inspector James Grant for favors such as police escorts.

The trio face bribery charges in Manhattan Federal Court. Jona Rechnitz, another bizman accused of peddling perks to these cops, has already pleaded guilty to giving “financial and personal benefits and political contributions to public officials including law enforcement officials in exchange for official action.”

After cops busted Reichberg in June, he was released on a $500,000 bond and ordered not to leave downstate New York and New Jersey.


Now, Reichberg wants the court to greenlight a trip to Israel from May 13 to May 22, according to a letter filed Monday.

He wants to “both celebrate the holiday of Lag BaOmer and visit his son who is studying there,” wrote his lawyer, Susan Necheles, her letter to Manhattan Federal Judge Gregory Woods.

“Many Jews travel to Meron, a small town in northern Israel, to celebrate Lag BaOmer at the grave of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai-a renowned rabbi who, among other things, authored the Zohar, the central text of Jewish mysticism.”

NYPD Deputy Chief Michael Harrington is seen after his arraignment on July 13th, 2016.

NYPD Deputy Chief Michael Harrington is seen after his arraignment on July 13th, 2016.


Necheles argues there is “no danger” Reichberg would skip out on his trial because his four of his five kids, ten siblings, and parents live in the U.S.

De Blasio claims unfair tax system too complex to fix quickly

“There is no question that Mr. Reichberg is going to return for trial here,” Necheles told the Daily News.

While the Manhattan U.S. Attorney’s office hasn’t yet filed any paperwork responding to Reichberg’s request, Necheles’s petition indicates prosecutors object to the proposed jaunt abroad.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office declined comment.

beis rivka teachers strike what would rebbe say

Parents Propose Paying Tuition to Teachers Directly

A proposal by Beth Rivkah parents to redirect their tuition checks to pay striking teachers directly was appreciated – yet rejected, and some involved said that in all likelihood school for grades 1 to 3 will not resume this year.

The following unsigned letter was circulated among the whatsapp groups of the various affected classes:

Dear Parents,

Representatives from each class of 1-3 met tonight. A representative from the board came to the meeting. He has asked that we give him until Tuesday for the board to work on their solution.

If Chas veshalom this does not occur, we the parents commit to withholding tuition until a solution is found to the teachers’ satisfaction.

We commit to work directly with the teachers, paying them directly so that they can teach our students each day. A financial offer has been sent to the staff and we will let you know as soon as we hear back from them Please stand with us, as we will only be able to accomplish anything if we stand as a united front.

We will let you know once we hear from the board and from the teachers and what action should follow.

In response the following letter was sent by the teachers:

Dear Parents,

We would like to acknowledge the support we have received and continue to receive from the parent body. It means a lot to us at times like this.

You, the parents, are frustrated and rightfully so- we are too! Every moment that our students and your precious children are not in school is unacceptable. We are truly uncomfortable that we have to strike, but with the guidance of a mashpia, it was a move we were forced to make. We are doing everything in our power to find a solution, but there is much beyond our control.

Parents, we are doing all we can! All we can suggest is that parents put pressure on the relevant bodies to solve this issue ASAP in a halachik and chassidish way that befits our school.

Multiple parents reached out to let us know that there is a growing feeling among parents to divert their tuition payments to offer teachers direct pay. Although this is very generous and appreciated, we would prefer a long term plan which solves the whole issue. We NEED a solution for last year’s paychecks, this year’s, and iyh for a concrete plan to ensure our school’s financial long-term stability.

Now that we have outlined our position and feelings in this letter, and since the situation is beyond our control, we will not be attending face to face meetings, but will continue to update you of future developments.

With heartfelt prayers for
ישועה קרובה בדרכי נועם ובדרכי שלום
Your broken hearted grade 1-3 teachers

ezra friedlamder according to D I N

Ezra Friedlander Supports Nadler’s Stabbing the Jewish People in the Heart

The Traitors and Roidfim

This Ezra Friedlander would sell his mother for a a bag of mixed chulent beans!

Fat Nadler stabs Holocaust survivors in the heart by voting for the Iran Deal, and gets Ezra to write an Op-Ed in asking his naive neighbors to understand Nadler before judging him. Even though Nadler supports the destruction of the State of Israel” and sides with Grand Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Sick mesheeganer!

Here is his Op-Ed …. My Comments in Red

Ezra: As a grandchild of Holocaust survivors, I am keenly aware of the existential threat a nuclear Iran poses to Israel and the world.

DIN: Apparently not…. your’e only aware of how much $$$$$ fat Nadler will funnel through your consulting firm!
People like you in concentration camps, were called Kapos!

Did I mention the fact that Ezra Friedlander, is a paid consultant for Nadler?

Ezra: I am not a scientist nor am I an expert on the intricacies of the Iran deal.
DIN: Then shut the hell up!

Ezra: Therefore, I cannot add my professional perspective or personal endorsement of the Iran Deal.

DIN: Who the hell are you? Do you think that people are waiting for your “professional perspective?”
What an arrogant piece of vermin!
Hey Ezra ….And You don’t have an opinion about a country that is about to get nuclear weapons pointed at your brothers and sisters?
Have you no heart? Ezra?

Ezra: My only below is to point out the soul-searching and difficult decision made by Congressman Nadler to support the Iran DeaI.

DIN: Nadler did no soul searching. And it was actually an easy decision by Nadler because Nadler is a sworn supporter of the Hussain Obama regime! He does not care one bit about the 6 million Jews living in jeopardy in the State of Israel because of this Iran deal, and you Kapo Friedlander don’t care either.

Ezra: I urge everyone, both critics and supporters of the deal, to read Mr. Nadler’s well-researched and thoughtful statement.
DIN: Are you insane? You want people who survived the worst calamity in Jewish history to read fat Nadler’s “thoughtful” statement?
Do you think that your Grandparents that perished in the ovens of Auschwitz, want you to “read Mr. Nadler’s well-researched and thoughtful statement?”
Ezra … Who do you think your murdered grandparents would want you to support?
Nadler or Schumer?

Ezra: Jerry Nadler’s sobering assessment
DIN: “Sobering assessment?”
Are you drunk? You naive foolish Kapo!

Ezra: should be read in its ENTIRETY -it fully recognizes that “no one can pretend that we are choosing between a set of flawless options. These decisions are hard, involving close calls and uncertain future predictions”.
I’d also like to remind everyone that it was Jerry Nadler who said prior to the Iraq War, that “ Iran — not Iraq — was the real threat, and if we removed Iraq as a buffer to Iranian influence and expansionism, Israel and the United States would be left to suffer from the consequences”.
DIN: What are you blabbering about?
“These decisions” are NOT “hard. The decision is actually a very easy one. Just vote against giving a nuclear option to a country that swears to wipe Israel off the map, a country where over 6 million Jews live.
And isn’t that a contradiction? If Iran “is the real threat,” why are you trusting the Iranians with a nuclear deal?

Ezra: It should also be noted that Congressman Nadler asked for and received unprecedented official Presidential assurances that should Iran “seek to dash toward a nuclear weapon” the United States will take whatever means necessary…including military means” to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon.
DIN: Oh! Fat Nadler got “assurances” ….. why don’t you tell that to the Iraqis … and the Saudis…and for that matter the Egyptians!
And according to the deal, Mr. kapo, the Iranians get a nuclear weapon in 15 years…. yup that’s in the deal!

Ezra: Additionally, Congressman Nadler received notification that the United States is prepared to increase funding for Iron dome, Arrow-3 and David Sling Missile Defense Systems.
DIN: Oh my! That’s assuring … alot of good is the Iron Dome and Arrow-3 and David Sling Missile Defense, against a nuclear bomb!
Notice that all the above is Israel’s Technology!

Ezra: Congressman’s Nadler’s statement that he is “outraged that some on the Left are making anti-Semitic accusations of dual loyalty or treason when someone, particularly a Jewish member of Congress, decides to oppose the agreement” is also reflective that he understands our rage when opponents of the deal have their patriotism questioned”
DIN: WHAT?????? So that makes us feel better, because Fat Nadler “understands our rage?” If he understood “our rage” he would oppose the Iran nuclear deal….
Hey Ezra Kapo….. where is your “rage??”

Ezra: Furthermore Jerry Nadler’s fully appreciates Israel’s role and disagrees with those who suggest that Israel’s government or people must not interfere in seeking to shape American decisions on these issues’…emphasizing such statements as a means of silencing an important part of the discussion’.
DIN: You know what Nadler? Stick your “appreciation of Israel’s role” where the sun don’t shine and vote against the deal! How about that?

Ezra: Mr. Nadler further states: “Israel and Israelis have an absolutely legitimate right to be concerned, given the existential threat they face, and to articulate that concern openly within the American political debate. If Iran were allowed to develop a nuclear weapon, that would represent a fundamental threat to the existence of Israel. A single nuclear bomb on Tel Aviv could destroy the homeland of the Jewish people, causing a catastrophic and irrevocable loss of Israeli lives and threatening the existence of our most important ally in the Middle East. Without Israel raising the alarm, the world might not have prioritized this threat and we would be in a weaker position than we are in today to respond to this terrifying question”.
DIN: Am I missing something? Having said all that, Fat Nadler votes for the Iran deal? I don’t get it…
And the Kapo, Ezra, repeats this nonsense!

Ezra: All of the aforementioned underscores Jerry Nadler’s thorough and keen understanding of the implications of the Iran Deal and I urge everyone to take the time to read the Congressman’s full statement to fully appreciate how he arrived at his decision.
DIN:Hey Kapo Ezra…. don’t you think that Senator Schumer read the same report as Fat Nadler?
Looks like Schumer will vote for the Jewish People and Fat Nadler and Kapo Ezra will vote to give an enemy of Israel a nuclear bomb …
Thanks alot Ezra!
Hey Ezra, how much $$$$$$$$$$$ will it take for you to turn and throw Nadler under the bus … you miserable traitor to the Jewish people!
Ezra, It’s far better to remain silent and be judged a fool then to speak up and remove all doubt!

aguda fights to protect molesters not the victims please sign

To: New York State Senate, Assembly, and Governor

New York State Must Stop Failing Victims of Child Sex Abuse

Campaign created by
Ari Hart

New York State Must Stop Failing Victims of Child Sex Abuse

New York State’s laws protecting survivors of child sex abuse are broken. The New York State Legislature must eliminate the Statute of Limitations for child victims of sex abuse, enable those who were denied justice the chance to pursue it, and thereby help get abusers off the streets.

Why is this important?

Jennie’s life changed when her coach began molesting her at age 15, trauma that has impacted every area of her life. But like so many victims of child sex abuse, it wasn’t until many years later, when she was 25, that she understood what had happened to her. Under New York State law, the window for pursuing legal action for child sex abuse is only 5 years after one turns 18. Not only can Jennie not pursue justice; her abuser remains on the streets.

New York State ranks alongside Alabama, Michigan and Mississippi, as among the worst states in the U.S. in how its courts and criminal justice system treat survivors of child sex abuse.

Shockingly, victims brave enough to come forward to seek justice and stop abusers from causing more harm, are blocked by New York State law because current state law allows survivors to pursue criminal or civil justice for a maximum of just five years after they turn age 18. But mental health experts know it can take decades for a victim of child sexual abuse to overcome the fear, shame, and trauma before they are able to come forward to confront their abuser. Perpetrators can continue to abuse if not stopped.

Many of us faith leaders have seen the wounds caused by sexual predators; wounds whose pain cannot be overstated, wounds that may never be fully healed. We also painfully acknowledge that rather than being a source of healing for victims of child sexual abuse, religious institutions have too often been a part of the problem. It’s now time to be a part of the solution.

Please join us in urging New York to join states like California, Delaware, Minnesota, Hawaii, Illinois and Florida that have recently passed legislation extending or eliminating the statute of limitations and creating windows for survivors to come forward. This legislation will no doubt bring justice and importantly, prevent further abuse. When similar legislation was passed in California, over 300 previously unknown abusers were identified.

Reforming NY State’s Statute of Limitations makes all our children safer and we urge you to join us today as we prepare to take this issue to Albany.

How it will be delivered

Right now legislators in Albany are debating the 2017 Child Victim’s Act which will repeal the Statute of Limitations for civil and criminal cases and create an opportunity for victims who were denied justice to pursue it. We urge you to sign our petition today. We will deliver the signatures to the Governor, State Assembly and State Senate to encourage them to pass the Child Victim’s Act.

Sign the petition:

Thank you for supporting this crucial effort.