why is manis friedman lecturing boys about marriage

he  has two kids divorced
one child accused of molesting a young child and said he was molested as a young boy by a sibling

and this is who is lecturing chabad boys and girls about marriage

more to come

Test for Bais Toras Menachem of LA

The bachurim of Bais Toras Menachem (“BTM”) Smicha Program in Los Angeles were tested on the chelek “Basar B’chalav” in Yoreh Deiah by Dayan Rabbi Elchonon Tauber.
On Tuesday, Chof Gimel Adar, the bachurim of Bais Toras Menachem (“BTM”) Smicha Program were tested on the chelek “Basar B’chalav” in Yoreh Deiah, an integral element of the academic requirements for Rabbinic ordination.

The students were tested by Rabbi Elchonon Tauber, Dayan and Rov of Congregation Beis Yehuda in Los Angeles.

Taught by the renowned Maggid Shiur Rabbi Levi Chazan, the students spent several months of intense study to prepare for this important test. Rabbi Chazan is known for his warm enthusiastic style, transmitting the limudim in a way which is both interesting and relevant.

Rabbi Tauber was extremely impressed with the wide array of knowledge the boys exhibited on the subject; the bachurim were able to answer many practical questions which portrayed their keen understanding of the Halochos.

Other recent highlights during this current zman include a personal live lecture with Rabbi Manis Friedman who responded to their hard hitting questions, primarily about “Shidduch Readiness for Bachurim”. BTM recognizes the great importance of addressing these issues while the boys are at the threshold of their future. BTM hopes to continue these discussions so its bachurim are not only equipped with Smicha and some secular education, but are prepared for their true Tachlis as future husbands and fathers.

rabbi maglev claims molesting family members after 18 isn’t a crime even

להתגרש – חשיפה מתוך הדיונים

מאת יודע דבר

הסיבה שעסקת הטיעון של נפתלי מקלב אינה מסתיימת היא מכיוון שהנפגעות מתנגדות לעסקת הטיעון
עסקת הטיעון שהתקבלה בין עורכי דינו של מקלב לבין הפרקליטות קבעה כי עיקר המעשים עם המתלוננות לאחר נישואיהן נעשו מרצון ובהסכמה.
פרקליטיו של נפתלי מקלב מתעקשים להכניס זאת לעסקת הטיעון על מנת שהמתלוננות יחוייבו בגט
להזכירך המתלוננות הן נשים חרדיות כשאחת מהן משמשת כמורה בסמינר החדש בירושלים
ופרוטוקול שיכתב בו שהמעשים נעשו בהסכמה יחריב עליהן את עולמן והן לא יוכלו יותר להסתובב בציבור.
אם לא תיהיה עסקת טיעון שכזו עד הדיון בהוכחות בבית המשפט יצא הרבה חילול ה’ ומשפחות שלמות יהרסו שכן הבנות יחקרו במשפט על גרסתם ומעשיהם וככל הנראה בית המשפט יקבע במפורש כי הבנות עשו את חלק מהמעשים מרצון ובהסכמה.
בימים האחרונים בכירי פרקליטות המדינה מעורבים והצדדים עושים כל מאמץ להגיע להסדר טיעון מנוסח לתועלת כל הצדדים על מנת שלא להגיע לדיונים בבית המשפט ולמנוע מהמהלך להחריב למתלוננות ובני משפחתן את עולמם.

convicted sex offender moves to rockland county

A registered sex offender accused of assaulting two minors now lives in Spring Valley, according to the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services.

The man, 25-year-old Menachem Deutsch, was convicted of promoting or possessing a sexual performance by a female under 17 years old, unlawful imprisonment and sexual contact with a stranger in 2013.

The Division of Criminal Justice Services has assigned Deutsch as a level three threat, which means he is a “high-risk repeat offender and possible threat to public safety.”

According to the Division of Criminal Justice Services, Deutsch’s victims included 10- and 12-year-old males. He was sentenced to six months in jail and 10 years probation, which expires in September 2023. Deutsch is designated as a sexually violent offender.

The Dr. Frank Road resident has several conditions in regards to his supervision, including mandatory participation in a sex offender treatment program, no contact with his victims and he cannot possess pornographic materials. The supervising agency is Kings County (Brooklyn) Probation Adult Supervision.

clarkstown news==== Hattip WSC

moshe malamud wheres the real financials

Franklin Mint owner: We want our money back
Updated: DECEMBER 29, 2010 — 10:31 AM EST

by Joseph N. DiStefano , Staff Writer @PhillyJoeD | JoeD@phillynews.com
The latest owners of Franklin Mint, the (formerly Wawa-, now Exton-based) “collectibles” company that once employs thousands, are charging fraud against the previous owners who sold them the company for a $16 million investment last year.

JSSI Capital Enterprises LLC, Miami, blames its losses on “false” financial statements in the sellers’ “wholly fabricated” business plan that overstated sales by more than half, “grossly” exaggerated its past advertising and the quality of its computer systems, and also exaggerated Franklin Mint’s relationships with TV shopping channel QVC of West Chester, motorcycle maker Harley-Davidson, Publisher’s Clearing House and other clients, according to a New York State lawsuit. See the complaint here.

JSSI Capital Enterprises LLC bought Franklin Mint and the affiliated Morgan Mint last year. Bloomberg reports JSSI’s suit against sellers Moshe Malamud, Sam Malamud and Steven Sisskind seeks “more than $12.6 million in damages, the rescission of $4 million in promissory notes assumed in the deal and the return of $1.975 million paid to two defendants.” Case is Franklin Mint LLC v. Franklin Mint Inc., New York Supreme Court (NYC) 652386-2010

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crown heights rabbis can’t handle their own community

The battle over dough: Brooklyn Rabbis take sides in the brewing battle of neighboring kosher pizzerias in Crown Heights.
By COLlive reporter

There’s lots of dough at stake…

Neighboring Jewish-owned dairy eateries in Brooklyn’s Crown Heights section are each securing support from rabbis to back their claims in a dispute over pizza that’s heating up like their ovens.

Owners of the established Basil Pizza & Wine Bar have been rattled in recent weeks since food entrepreneurs opened Calabria Pizza a stone’s throw away, both sharing the corner of Kingston Avenue and Lincoln Place.

“Opening a specialty pizza shop serving beer and wine, literally next door, is major nerve,” Danny Branover, one of Basil’s owners, told COLlive.com.

Since opening in 2010, Basil bills itself as an Italian bistro that serves a trendy rotating menu of appetizers, salads, fish, entrees, homemade desserts and “wood burning oven creations” that attract kosher, vegetarian and non-kosher diners.

Calabria’s owners Shmariahu Harel and Hallel Harel describe it as a fast food eatery with little wait time. The brothers pride themselves on their menu’s simplicity, serving only 12” and 16” square pies using mozzarella cheese and the occasional parmesan, with optional toppings.

“Crown Heights is growing, and there is room for everyone,” Hallel Harel said. “In Boro Park and other places you have pizza shops open right near each other and they serve the same items. We’re not serving the same thing.”

Branover isn’t convinced. “Instead of being grateful for the groundwork we did in the neighborhood, and opening a complementary business, they are clearly targeting Basil’s clients and attempting to harm its wellbeing,” he said on Sunday.

Both parties agreed to a binding arbitration at Beis Din Beis Yoseph in Boro Park. Its chairman Rabbi Reuven Alt ruled that Calabria can only serve “regular pizza or other foods.” It was based on the rule of Hasagat Gevul, prohibiting unfair economic competition to an existing business.

Disregarding the ruling, Calabria has opened and has begun serving square pizza. Beis Yoseph’s Rabbis then added a “clarification” stating that “Roman-style pizza” was forbidden for them as well.

Harel says that after Beis Yoseph ignored his request for a hearing, he turned to Agudas Harabonim – the Union of Orthodox Rabbis of the U.S. and Canada. They in turn attested that Calabria’s pies are “regular pizza with regular kind of dough and regular sauce as all regular pizzerias do here in New York.”

Agudas Harabonim’s Rabbis Aryeh Ralbag, Chaim Krauss and Elimelech Lebowitz concluded that Calabria doesn’t qualify as competition to Basil. Beis Yoseph’s rabbis didn’t agree and banned any kosher agency from certifying Calabria.

Agudas Harabonim’s Rabbi Lebowitz of Flatbush nevertheless went forward and granted Calabria his own kosher certification as a “kosher and cholov yisroel l’mehadrin” eatery.

In response, Beis Yoseph released a letter dated 17 Adar, 5777, that Calabria is “selling pizza that is forbidden for them to sell.” It is therefore “forbidden to shop from their store… and all who assist them are assisting in a matter of transgression,” they wrote.

“Since the Harels also own Chocolatte on the corner of Kingston Avenue and Eastern Parkway, this could also be in question due to the letter,” Branover says.

Ideally, both Branover and the Harels should turn to the local Beis Din of Crown Heights (Badatz) to resolve the issue, but rabbis there aren’t on speaking terms and run rival kosher certifications.

With rabbis offering differing views, it is left to the public to show which ruling they choose to follow as they go out to dine.


‘Why does AIPAC support two-states if Israeli gov’t doesn’t?’
AIPAC says Israel committed to two-state solution, yet most gov’t ministers are opposed and even Netanyahu seems to have back-tracked.
Contact Editor Hillel Fendel, 16/03/17 21:35

Netanyahu at AIPAC conference (file)Netanyahu at AIPAC conference (file)Flash 90

With the annual American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) conference shindig only ten days away, the Israel advocacy organization’s claims that Israel supports a two-state solution, and its attempts to have Congressmen do the same, are angering at least one Israeli NGO.

The organization, Mattot Arim, says that AIPAC is working to have Senators sign letters of support for the two-state solution, and leads American rabbis to believe in and support the establishment of a Palestinian state in a peace agreement with Israel – but all under false pretenses.

Mattot Arim is an Israeli grassroots movement that “works to advance the national interests of the residents of central Israel and the large cities” and seeks “peace for peace,” as opposed to “land for peace.”

In AIPAC literature ahead of its upcoming conference in Washington, D.C., Israel is said to be “committed to a two-state solution—a Jewish state living side-by-side in peace with a demilitarized Palestinian state.” With that as a given, AIPAC continues to say that the U.S. must insist that “this goal” can be achieved only via direct negotiations between the parties.

However, Mattot Arim says, it is actually not true that Israel supports such a solution, and AIPAC should be more up-front about its dangers.

A request to AIPAC from Arutz Sheva to comment on this charge has thus far gone unanswered.

For one thing, Mattot Arim maintains, a recent JTA report stated that “fissures between the [two American political parties] have emerged [regarding Israel], with Democrats still forcefully backing a two-state solution… while President Donald Trump has retreated from explicitly backing that outcome.” A letter to the President from House members asking him to reaffirm support for the two-state solution has so far gathered 115 signatures – only two of them from Republicans.

AIPAC is thus taking the Democratic Party’s position, as opposed to Trump’s.

In addition, though Netanyahu is seen as the champion of two-states, his support for the idea has been downgraded significantly. At his recent meeting with President Trump in Washington, Netanyahu was asked if he still favors the two-state solution, and he “dodged the question,” the Los Angeles Times reported. “Asked about a two-state solution,” BBC reported, “Mr. Netanyahu said he wanted to focus on ‘substance’ and not ‘labels.'”

To whatever extent Netanyahu supports a Palestinian state, it is only on condition that it be demilitarized – a condition many analysts note is not likely to ever be accepted by the Palestinian Authority, and certainly not implemented in the long range. That is, if the PA does accept the condition, and then declares independence with Israel’s consent, and then takes up arms and forms an army, there is nothing that Israel would be able to do about it, nor would the new state cease being a state.

Mattot Arim avers that AIPAC is “intentionally ignoring the fact that [even] Netanyahu’s support for two-states was ambiguous.” It does not note the conditions that he has laid down for a Palestinian state, nor his warnings that it “could become another Islamic dictatorship, one of many in the Middle East.”

It must be further noted that, as former Secretary of State John Kerry has said, “more than 50% of the ministers in the current [Israeli] government have publicly stated they are opposed to a Palestinian state.” In Israel, it is the government as a whole that sets national policy, and not the Prime Minister alone.

Mattot Arim’s ire is further raised by how American rabbis are “led astray” by AIPAC. One prominent Orthodox rabbi, asked by Mattot Arim why he supports a Palestinian state, denied the charge. The organization representative explained that he supported AIPAC, and he acknowledged that this is true and that he encourages his congregation to do the same: “That is something completely different [than supporting a Palestinian state]… Of course we support AIPAC; they lobby for the Israeli government’s position in Washington.”

Mattot Arim said this is an example of a “leader of an Orthodox congregation who innocently leads his flock [into] supporting a Palestinian state because he is told by AIPAC that that is the Israeli government position – even though this is not true.”

As stated above, Arutz Sheva awaits AIPAC’s response to this matter.

Chiam Shea Babad may be worth 30 billion dollars

we have major news regarding babads involvement together with his lawyer in working with convicted fraudster eli weinstein

also we are asking why the feds are not investigating tartikoff non profit which has billions in real estate holdings to avoid paying taxes

shomrim beater gets 4 years

Hasidic man gets four years for role in group beating of gay black man in Brooklyn

It’s four years for an eye.

A Brooklyn judge sentenced a Hasidic Jewish man to four years in prison for participating in a vicious beatdown that left a gay black man blind in one eye.

Mayer Herskovic was not the only person who assaulted Taj Patterson on Flushing Ave. in December 2013. But he’s the only attacker getting prison time.

“Those who stomped and chased (Patterson) did try to injure him. The defendant was involved, he participated and was found guilty for that,” said Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Danny Chun.

Cop: We used trick to get video of Hasidic men beating victim

Patterson, 25, did not attend the court proceedings in Brooklyn Supreme Court on Thursday — he previously said he wants to move on with his life.

Nonetheless, the lasting effects of the senseless attack will remain with him.

“Mr. Patterson asked himself why all this happened to him and he concluded it’s because he was a young black male in a predominately Orthodox neighborhood,” Assistant District Attorney Timothy Gough said on behalf of the victim.

According to trial testimony, Patterson was walking to his Fort Greene home when men — some belonging to the Williamsburg Shomrim, a Jewish patrol group — began chasing after him. The attackers mistook him for the suspect in a car vandalism streak, prosecutors previously said.

EXCLUSIVE: Gay, black man who was brutally attacked sues city

“This defendant, that group and the community couldn’t see him as an individual, but as a criminal,” said Gough, who recommended Herskovic receive five years in prison.

Video surveillance showed men chasing Patterson for blocks. One person with a walkie-talkie was identified at trial as Yoelli (Joel) Itzkowitz, but he was not questioned for his role in the attack.

One of Patterson’s lawyers has urged the Brooklyn DA’s office to indict Itzkowitz, alleging prosecutors have overlooked Itzkowitz because his brother is the politically connected coordinator of the Williamsburg Shomrim.

Four men in addition to Herskovic were charged in the beating. Two of the cases were dismissed and two of the attackers took plea deals sentencing them to 150 hours of community service each.

“Amongst all participants who stomped and beat Mr. Patterson, this defendant wasn’t the most culpable,” Chun said of Herskovic. “Mr. Patterson was chased for blocks, but not by the defendant before me.”

Prosecutors placed Herskovic at the scene thanks to DNA found on one of Patterson’s sneakers that was thrown to the roof of a nearby building.

The “deeply scarred” Patterson asked the judge to sentence Herskovic to the maximum of 15 years in prison for the second-degree gang assault and unlawful imprisonment charges.

“When Patterson woke up in the hospital, he didn’t know where he was. He was upset, frightened and alone,” said Gough.

The victim has had surgery three times, but he’ll never regain eyesight in his right eye.

“I wish I can take back what happened to Mr. Patterson all those years ago … I hope he finds peace for all he has suffered and endured,” Herskovic told the judge as he pleaded for a lenient sentence.

“I’m 24, my life is about family, helping people,” he added. “I work as a construction worker. I work with all kinds of people, black, white, Hispanic, gay and not gay.”

Nevertheless, his lawyer Stuart Slotnick asserted outside of court that “the DNA evidence was completely and totally flawed.”